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Diabetes with high residual rates, in fact, there are 3 “signals” in the early days

Many people may have heard of diabetes, but they do n’t know much about diabetic foot, and I have n’t even heard of it. Do n’t look down on the disease of diabetes. It is a complication of diabetes. The main reason for this result is to be amputated during treatment, which is that they did not do relevant precautions in the early days, and did not receive timely treatment in a timely manner that caused the disease to deteriorate. So what are the early symptoms of diabetes?

Patients with diabetes must have some understanding of the early symptoms of diabetes, and it is more conducive to preventing preventive work in advance and reducing the harm of complications. Early symptoms of diabetic foot are:

1. Intermittent clamor

Because the impact of the disease has worsened the blood circulation of the lower limbs of the body, it will become particularly strenuous when walking, which will cause intermittent clamor. In severe cases, the calves will still have pain.

2. Foot color changes

Patients with diabetic foot will change the skin color of the foot in the early days. It is still due to poor blood circulation, which leads to the expansion of blood vessels and the speed of blood flow becomes slow. red.

3. Foot joint deformation

Due to the rise in blood sugar for a long time, the nervous system of the foot will also occur. The more obvious is muscle and bones. If it occurs, it will cause joint deformation.

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If you have diabetes itself, you must observe more personal physical changes. If these changes have these changes to attract attention, do not take it lightly. At this time, you should especially control blood sugar to avoid complications. If there is diabetic foot, the risk rate is still very high, and the symptoms should be actively treated. Do not delay.

In order to prevent the occurrence of complications such as diabetic foot, blood glucose must be controlled. Choosing shoes with comfortable heels, it is best to be softer and breathable. To avoid squeezing your feet, it is best not to have the habit of walking on your feet to avoid injuries to your feet.

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