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Diabetic disability?This is the reason!Four symptoms need to be valued early

Diabetes is a blood vessels and neuropathy caused by continuous blood sugar, which is one of the most serious complications in diabetes. However, not all patients with diabetes will have diabetic feet, and it usually occurs on those sugar friends with poor blood sugar control. However, it is necessary to understand the appearance of diabetes foot. It can take regular treatment in time to avoid deterioration of the disease.

Four symptoms of diabetes foot must be careful when one appears!

1 Foot muscle atrophy deformation

The muscles of the foot gradually shrink and deform, and the toes appear bending deformity. Over time, the feet and ankles will also be affected, which will cause deformation. This lesion on the feet directly affects the normal function of the feet, causing inconvenience to move.

2 lower limb tingling

Patients with diabetic feet will block the blood vessels. The long -term blood is not connected, which makes the lower limb circulation poorly, and the phenomenon of pale and lustrousness occurs. At the same time, the pulse will be reduced, and severe cases will not feel the pulse, and some patients will have intermittent tingling in the lower limbs.

3 lower limb numbness

Patients with diabetic foot often have a series of symptoms and sensory nerves. This is mainly because hyperglycemia damage the sensory nerve, leading to nerve conduction disorders, reduced perception of external perception or even disappearing. The specific manifestation is numbness of the lower limbs and cannot feel hot and cold. In another case, patients will feel that there is nothing under their feet and it is easy to fall.

4 foot ulcers

With the gradual development of the condition, foot ulcers will occur in the later period. The main diseases are: dry cracks, dehydration, skin brittleness, and blisters.

If the diabetic foot is not treated in time, the consequences are serious!

According to statistics, 60-70%of diabetic patients are accompanied by peripheral nerve injury, while 15-20%of diabetic patients have more severe foot complications.

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Diabetic feet will bring a lot to the patient’s life, and even more serious cases will not even keep their feet, and they are eventually forced to amputation.

The amputation is actually to prevent further ulceration of the feet. Diabetic feet will cause ulcers. If the condition is not controlled, the wound cannot heal, and the necrotic parts are getting bigger and larger, and they have to be amputated.

In fact, the occurrence, development and deterioration of diabetic foot are a long process. As long as we pay attention to observation and find out early symptoms in time, we can well control its development and avoid the serious consequences of amputation. Experts remind that more than half of patients with diabetes can be avoided in the early discovery and treatment of diabetes.

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