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Diabetic feet will also find young people

The 30 -year -old Huli came to the hospital for a small wound on her left foot, thinking that she had to deal with the wound. When a doctor saw her left foot in the clinic, she immediately asked her to be hospitalized for treatment, otherwise the infection would become more serious and may even lose her left foot. Holly, who came to the doctor alone, was frightened. How can a small wound become so serious? She has suffered from diabetes for 10 years. Why did she have a diabetic foot?

Smoking, drinking, not treating

At the age of 20, Hu Lili (a pseudonym) found high blood sugar in a medical examination, but had not paid much attention to it. In the past 10 years, not only did she not take medicine, I did not regulate blood sugar, but also smoked and drinking frequently, which led to the current an empty blood glucose of up to 21.7mmol/L. The left wound infection was severe, and it was about to endanger the left lower limb. How did this happen?

Peripheral neuropathy, vascular lesions, and wound infections are the main causes of diabetic foot. Smoking can block blood vessels, leading to poor blood circulation, and eventually leading to blood vessels in the lower limbs. Therefore, patients with diabetes should actively quit smoking.

Alcohol can stimulate gastric mucosa, cause gastric mucosa congestion and edema, and inflammation. If you have long -term altosimal wine, it will easily cause atrophic gastritis, affect nutritional absorption, and diseases such as anemia and peripheral neuropathy.

The cause of Hu Lili suffering from diabetes is the most direct cause except smoking and drinking. In the past 10 years, she has been admitted to the hospital twice for 10 years because she has perfumed ketoic acid poisoning coma, but she still does not receive drug treatment after discharge.

Have diabetes, don’t be lucky

There are still many diabetic patients like Holly who do not treat Holly. They do not have the courage to face the reality of diabetes, neither monitor blood sugar nor control their diet, nor take medicine. Essence Diabetes patients must not follow suit.

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Personation and resistance to diseases are more common psychological reactions. Diabetes is a chronic disease that cannot be cured at present. The correct treatment method does not regret complications.

Diabetes patients can only make life more harmonious and beautiful only by maintaining a healthy and optimistic attitude and active treatment. The treatment of diabetes requires comprehensive management from many aspects such as drugs, diet, exercise and psychology, and is not careless in every aspect. Regardless of age and first diagnosis, they should actively cooperate with doctors for treatment to reduce or delay the occurrence and development of complications.

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