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Diabetic foot is the “nightmare” of each sugar friend!3 symptoms, diabetic feet have come to you

A 56 -year -old man with diabetes was good year ago. After New Year’s Day, his feet suddenly turned black, his feet began to ulcerate for a few days, and he continued to spread. Essence Due to long -term diabetes, the kidney damage is more serious, and I have had kidney dialysis, so there is no way to amputation. I can only watch the carbonization and wounds of their feet a day.

This situation of 56 -year -old man is a relatively serious diabetes foot. Diabetes is one of the more serious complications of diabetic patients. Once diabetic feet occur, cure is difficult, affecting the quality of life in patients. Danger.

At the 21st National Academic Conference of the Chinese Medical Association Diabetes Branch, a research report released by Professor Bi Yan showed that the average prevalence of global diabetes was 6.3%, of which the prevalence of my country was 5.7%. If 160 million calculations are calculated, there are about 9.12 million diabetic foot patients waiting for treatment, but once there are diabetic feet, the current domestic treatment method is more serious.

Early symptoms of diabetes foot

At present, there is no better diagnosis and treatment for diabetic foot, so prevention is particularly important for patients with diabetes, but it is not to say that only diabetic patients need prevention. In daily life, if the following symptoms appear in the foot, pay attention. It may be diabetic feet.

The first is feeling. Early patients with diabetes will appear numb feet, especially the bottom of the feet, like an ant crawling, or a needle tie, walking like a cotton. It is often mentioned that diabetic foot is rarely mentioned, and in fact, this condition may also occur. His numbness may belong to comprehensive diabetes foot or neuropathy diabetes foot. Both of these conditions will cause numbness of feet, and ulcers may occur in severe cases.


Followed by the shape and color of the foot. The skin of the feet becomes purple -red, and the skin is dry and non -elastic; the joints of the foot are deformation. The color is purple, which may be ischemic diabetes foot. Diabetes patients have long -term metabolic disorders, which cause abnormal functional function of the vessel nervous system.

Third, the temperature and foot pressure of the foot. Patients with diabetic feet will feel cold in their feet and swelling in their feet.

Story attached to patients:

Not only diabetic patients need to pay attention to diabetes, others also need to pay attention. Xiao Li’s mother, usually with numbness and stitches like a needle, always thought it was lumbar disc herniation, the soles of the feet caused by nerve compression, and often massaging the lumbar disc herniation, but the symptoms of numbness of the soles of the feet did not improve. Diabetes were detected after the year. In fact, many people who do not often check the medical examination are difficult to detect diabetes. This case shows that sometimes the soles of the feet are numb, cold, deformed, and even purple -transformed, which may be signs of rising blood sugar.

How to prevent diabetes?

Diabetes patients should check their feet. For example, pressure examination, X -ray examination, skin temperature examination, and nervous system examination. In daily life, diabetic patients should also observe regularly on their feet, such as whether deformed, ulcer, and skin tone changes have occurred.

Patients with diabetes should pay attention to the following points:

First of all, do not walk barefoot at any time to avoid causing skin injury. When calluses or toenails appear too long, you need to cut or find professional trimming to avoid damaging the skin of the armor.

Secondly, try to wash your feet with warm water. Do not soak your feet too long. It is advisable for 20-30 minutes. Do not be too high in water temperature to avoid feet burns. After washing your feet, wipe the water between your toes.

Third, in order to reduce the pressure of the foot, choose loose shoes and try to wear cotton socks. If there is conditions, you can tailor the pressure reduction shoes or insoles according to the advice of the foot care professionals.

Frequent reviews, not smoking, smoking can cause blood vessel contraction, and severe cases can even lead to lesions of surrounding blood vessels. The most important point is to control blood sugar.

In short, when the symptoms such as numbness, pain, and color change in the foot appear, medical treatment in time is likely to be a sign of rising blood sugar. For patients with diabetes, they usually pay attention to controlling sugar and often care about their feet. Changes, early discovery, early prevention.

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