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Diabetic nephropathy is the “nightmare” of each sugar friend!If these 8 symptoms appear on your body, you should be vigilant

Ms. Xu is usually a “Ma Daha” and is always lost. Even if she is pregnant, it is difficult to notice some minor problems that appear in the body. It is not until I get pregnant that I have diabetes and nephropathy.

The doctor suggested that Ms. Xu playing insulin, but she was worried that it would be bad for the fetus, so she rejected the doctor’s suggestion. After the child was born smoothly, Ms. Xu’s body was always edema. How could she not be retreated, and she was accompanied by high protein, which made her very annoyed. It would be great to pay attention to the symptoms of diabetic nephropathy earlier.

Diabetic nephropathy is a complication of the late diabetic. The overall incidence of diabetes in my country is 9.7%, while diabetic nephropathy accounts for 20%to 40%of diabetic patients. Of the 100 diabetic patients, 20 to 40 people suffer from diabetes and nephropathy.

As a complication, diabetic nephropathy is the main case of microvascular complications. Its onset characteristics are persistent albuminuria, or the filtration rate of glomerular balls decreases, and eventually concurrent uremia.

Its early performance is relatively hidden, and it only shows that there are increased trace protein in the urine. When symptoms such as edema occur, it is often advanced to the advanced stage. The treatment is very difficult. It is often necessary to adopt dialysis and kidney transplantation.

8 signals of diabetic nephropathy

When diabetic nephropathy occurs, the skin will have the following 4 symptoms:

Itching of the skin: dry, dedifferentia, and itching in the whole body or local skin. If it is a female patient, vaginal itching will appear;

Cervical folliculitis: Patient’s hind neck pillow appears pus, pus head inflammation, the touch will hurt, and the pus will heal itself after excretion, but it will repeat the attack;

Sweating abnormally: sweating for no reason, the symptoms of sweating on the upper limbs or torso, and the situation of sweating is very common;

Foot gangrene: the pain is lost on the feet, and the dryness is easy to crack, prone to ulcers, purulent, necrosis, and difficult to heal;

In addition to some symptoms of skin appearance, diabetic nephropathy occurs, there are other symptoms.

Increased urine foam: The bubble of healthy adults will soon disappear, and the foam of patients with diabetic nephropathy does not disappear, indicating that it is albuminuria, which is a characteristic of kidney injury.

Visual field of vision: The lesions of the retina are a basic feature of the complications of diabetic nephropathy.

Efficacy of serum creatinine: abnormal renal function. Some patients with glycoprum have no urine albumin abnormalities, and their renal damage manifests as abnormal renal function.

Increasing night urine: renal tube damage. In recent years, research has found that renal tubular injury can appear in the early stages of glycogen, which can be manifested as an increase in nighturia and decreased urine ratio.

“Three highs” are the high risk factor that leads to diabetic nephropathy

The main factor leading to diabetic nephropathy is high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high protein intake.

In the case of long -term high blood sugar, the kidneys cannot bear this pressure and damage, and the protein will leak from the kidneys. The loss of protein will further lead to increased edema and blood pressure.

After the rise of blood pressure, in turn, it has aggravated the discharge of protein from urine. The two form a vicious circle, which will eventually accelerate the development of diabetic nephropathy, leading to completely paralysis and deterioration of kidney function.

Some patients are a high -protein diet, and they are undoubtedly poured on fire, which eventually causes renal function to continue to be damaged. Clinical data show that 30%-50%of diabetic patients have complications of kidney.

How to prevent diabetic nephropathy?

The low diagnostic rate and intervention rate are the main features of diabetic nephropathy in my country. Diabetic nephropathy has become the main cause of uremia. Because there are no effective drugs, it is relatively difficult to clinically treat diabetic nephropathy.

In this way, early prevention and identification, controlling blood sugar is very critical for patients with diabetes. In the early stage, if blood sugar and blood pressure can be strictly controlled, the disease can be effectively delayed. On the other hand, it can also avoid the use of drug treatment and bring further damage to the kidneys.

In terms of diet prevention measures, diabetic patients must limit the intake of protein, calories, and salt, and to supplement vitamins and trace elements.

It is best to obey the doctor’s advice, the reasonable intake of food, the daily protein intake is about 0.8 grams per kilogram of weight, and the salt intake is maintained within 6 grams. Eat more vitamins and trace elements rich in elements And high -fiber food.

At the same time, patients with diabetes need to quit smoking. Smoking is very harmful to early diabetic nephropathy patients. Quit smoking can reduce the risk of the progress of diabetic nephropathy by 30%.

Adhering to exercise can also effectively prevent the development of diabetes. Specific exercise should be based on low and medium -intensity aerobic movements, so as to be progressive, and persist.

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