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Diabetic patients with cautious gastroscopy and other endoscopic examinations

Increasing medical examinations mainly include puncture, biopsy, various endoscopes (such as gastroscopy) and certain interventional examinations. Although creative examinations are relatively painful than non -invasive examinations, and will cause local soft tissue and vascular vascular “trauma”, it can observe the condition more intuitively and play a key role in the qualitative diagnosis of the disease. Trauma “can also be recovered quickly.

But diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease. Compared with non -diabetes, the chance of cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, gallstones, and bone joint diseases in patients with diabetes have increased significantly, and the chance of receiving examination has increased accordingly. Therefore, although sugar friends need to be cautious for creative inspections, as long as the protection is properly protected, don’t worry too much. The following is what patients with diabetes need to pay attention to when checking:

1. Before receiving the examination, sugar friends should fully understand the relevant matters of your doctor, adjust your sleep, diet and mentality, and avoid fatigue, cold, and emotional fluctuations. After the inspection, pay attention to the protection of the puncture point or wound, keep the dressing clean and dry, remove the dressing time in accordance with the doctor’s instructions, and prevent local infection.

2. Good blood glucose control is the basic guarantee that can be successfully carried out. Blood glucose should be closely monitored before and after the examination, and the treatment plan is adjusted in time to cooperate with the doctor to ensure the stability of blood sugar. Patients with hypertension and heart disease should also ensure stability of blood pressure and heart function. In addition, it is necessary to protect the skin well, treat local fungal infections, etc., keep the skin clean and moisturize, and avoid being too dry, scratching, squeezing, freezing, and burns.

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3. Generally, conventional examinations are generally avoided in the stage of diabetes acute complications such as ketic acid poisoning, hypertonic state, and cardiopulmonary unstable stage, except for emergency conditions.

In short, the correct treatment comes from the correct diagnosis. You can dispel your concerns about “knowing and knowing”, accepting it with peace of mind and happily, with the doctor, defeating the disease and recovering early.

(Editor in charge: Tang Aifeng)

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