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Did you “take off” this summer?Random hair removal, beware of these skin hazards

As soon as the hot summer, the girls began to wear a short skirt, shorts, and suspenders. However, the hair on the surface of the skin made a beautiful woman distressed. She wanted to scrape it off with a blade, but she was worried that “the spring breeze was blowing again” Or “more shave and thicker”.

So, will the hair of the skin really be thicker and thicker? In fact, not.

Human hair can be divided into two parts: dry and hairy roots. Dry dryness is the hair we see with the naked eye, while the hair root hides the depths of the skin. Usually a hair follicle has a hair root, but there is also a situation where a hair follicle has three or even four or five.

The behavior of human shaving is just removing hair on the surface of the skin, which will not affect the hair follicles deep in the skin, so it will not affect the thickness of the hair.

So why does the hair “grow longer and thicker” after scraping the hair? This is mainly because the roots of the hair are usually thicker, and the more thin the front is, the more the hair root parts are exposed after shaving. It looks thicker and darker than usual. This is a problem with our vision. In addition, the hair will still grow after hair shaving, and the short hair will stab straight out of the hair follicles, which makes people feel very hard and rough.

Don’t be casual for hair removal, beware of these hazards

There are many ways to remove hair removal, such as hair removal cream, razor scraping, tweezer hair removal, beeswax hair removal, etc. Although these hair loss methods seem simple and convenient, there is a certain harm to the skin.

1. Hair removal cream

That is, the use of chemicals to dissolve hair, which is suitable for parts that require large -scale hair removal parts under the armpit and limbs. Although the hair removal cream is simple and convenient, it does not cause pain, but the chemical composition in the hair removal cream will stimulate the skin. If it is frequently used, it may cause allergic reactions and not suitable for people who are easy to allergic to the skin.

2. Razor scraping hair

This is the most traditional and safe hair removal method, which is convenient and fast, but the hair is easy to grow, and it is easy to scratch the pores and damage the skin during the operation. The newly grown hair cross section is thick and looks more obvious.

3. Duzi pulling hair

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The 发 镊 镊 镊 can pull the hair with the root of the hair, which lasts for a long time, but it can cause pain, and it is easy to irritate the skin, cause the hair follicles to inflammation, and cause the skin to be red and swollen and pain.

4. Beeswaxing hair

The beeswax hair removal is to stick the body hair with sticky beeswax and remove it. This method is convenient and fast. It does not need to be taken care of after hair removal for a long time. However, the beeswax can cause severe pain when tearing, and the chemical synthetic products on the beeswax are easy to stimulate the skin and induce infection. Patients with diabetes, varicose veins, and skin ulceration should not use this method.

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