Dietary recipe for weight loss

The pear -shaped figure of the lower abdomen is probably the most headache for the office of the office. Most of them are stationed in the office every day, sitting up and sitting, and sometimes they are too busy to drink water, so many people have constipation problems. I didn’t feel it.

The weight loss countermeasure is to drink more lactic acid bacteria drinks to clear the intestines, increase the intake of lactic acid bacteria and cellulose, improve constipation, accelerate gastrointestinal activity function, and successfully drive away waste. Little salt anti -abdominal distension, intake of excess salt to increase starch activity, promote the body’s absorption of starch, and salt is an important factor in the stagnant water in the body.

For people with more upper abdomen fat, due to the decrease in the metabolic rate of the body, coupled with lack of exercise, and eating desserts and cold drinks, fat meat can easily accumulate in the upper abdomen. The weight loss countermeasure is to change natural sugar. You have always been sweet and sweet, and you must be unacceptable for a while, and even get emotional. In fact, you can give yourself a buffer period when you start thin belly, instead of refined sugar with natural sugar, such as using honey to replace white granulated sugar, and gradually change the taste to achieve the effect of abdominal reduction.

And if you belong to the thick waist shape of the bucket, it is mainly to blame you for being greedy, starting from today, let’s eat more food and reduce the amount of food, and taste it slowly every meal, which can make you feel full early. Eat a plate of lettuce salads before the main cuisine comes. And try to quit fried, fried, greasy products, and choose more cooking methods.

(Editor in charge: Xu Beibei Intern Editor: Luo Junqiang)

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