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Different physique medicines for weight loss of traditional Chinese medicine

1. Clear heat type

Object: The reason why white -collar workers under 30 years of age are more entertainment, greasy diet, high work pressure, etc., causing superfluous heat in the body, easy to suffer, bad breath, easy to hunger, emotional irritability, yellow urine, constipation, from traditional Chinese medicine, come from traditional Chinese medicine to come from Chinese medicine. See, in addition to grease and diuresis, the key is to clear heat.

Use medicinal materials:

Cassia is slightly cold, which can lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, and laxative. If blood pressure is high and constipated, you should choose Cassiazi Tea. But if you have a cold constitution, people who are prone to diarrhea and stomach pain are not suitable.

Green tea is cool, which can eliminate fat and consumption. Green tea not only has weight loss, but also has anti -cancer effects. But green tea is not fermented tea. Chinese medicine believes that it is easier to scrape the stomach, and people with poor stomachs should pay more attention.

2. Spleening type

Object: Some people are fat, just because of qi deficiency and need spleen. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that qi deficiency will make the spleen abnormal operation, supplement qi, can be metabolized normally, and naturally lose weight.

Use medicinal materials:

Coix seed, flat, dampness, because the nature of the nature is not fast, mostly with other medicinal materials or food.

Huangpi, sweet, slightly warm, nourishes qi, and swelling. It does not have a lipid -lowering effect, but in the theory of Chinese medicine, qi deficiency needs to replenish qi to enhance the efficiency of body metabolism. Huangpi can also enhance immune function.

Poria, sweet and flat. Spleening and diuretic can reduce blood sugar, sedative, qi, and enhance immune function.

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