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Director of liver and gallbladder surgery: 3 or two wines a day, and hepatitis will be harder in 10 years!

Director Liu is the leader of a certain agency. He accompanies guests to eat almost every day. It is inevitable that there is wine on the table. Director Liu, who has good alcohol, drunk his subordinates to send home. Even if you eat at home, Director Liu, who is used to drinking, will drink two glasses of himself.

But these days, Director Liu always feels tired and weak, and has decreased appetite. Accompanied by his family, Director Liu, who had just passed the years, came to the hospital for examination, but the result was the late stages of liver cirrhosis.

3 two wines every day and 10 years of liver cirrhosis

Professor Chen Yajin, director of liver and gallbladder and pancreatic surgery at Sun Yaxian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University and Deputy Dean of Hepatobiliary Hospital, said liver cirrhosis is a common cause of chronic liver disease, and it is also the main reason for the death of patients with end liver disease.

According to the etiology, liver cirrhosis can be divided into viral liver cirrhosis, alcoholic cirrhosis, parasitic cirrhosis, bile cirrhosis, poisoning or metabolic cirrhosis, etc. Like Director Liu, it is a typical alcoholic liver cirrhosis.

According to information, per gram of ethanol is equivalent to 2 ml of liquor (calculated at about 50 degrees), 10 ml of wine (calculated at about 10 degrees) or 25 ml of beer (calculated at about 4 degrees) About 80 grams, about 3 two white wines a day, lasts more than 10 years, which may cause alcoholic liver cirrhosis. It is not surprising that Director Liu has suffered from liver cirrhosis over forty years old.

Liver cirrhosis -the first primary fierce death of benign liver disease death

Director Chen Yajin introduced that in addition to alcoholic liver cirrhosis, hepatitis caused by viral hepatitis (especially hepatitis B) in my country is also very common. It is estimated that there are currently about 90 million hepatitis B virus carriers. In South China, the proportion of hepatitis B virus infection is higher, and about 3 % of patients with hepatitis B will eventually develop into liver cirrhosis, which is the first primary murderer of death caused by benign liver disease.

Early symptoms of early liver cirrhosis

In fact, a considerable part of patients with cirrhosis can have no symptoms. They live and work like normal people. They usually find that they have liver cirrhosis when they do other diseases. This is because the liver has strong compensation and regeneration capabilities. Patients will only have severe symptoms only when the liver cirrhosis is out of compensation.

Take Director Liu as an example. During the waiting of the liver transplantation, he suffered from the torture of liver hardening and loss. Jaunda occurred many times, and the ascites were too much to affect breathing. Several liters of yellow liquid.

Prevent liver cirrhosis, starting from the cause

Many people talk about the color change of “liver cirrhosis”, thinking that suffering from liver cirrhosis means that life is about to draw. This is because liver cirrhosis has the characteristics of refractory, delay and death. The hepatic hardening year after year, the patient’s financial resources were consumed, and the patient had a strong desire to get rid of the stubborn illness, so as to open the door to the market for various so -called “divine doctors” and “odd medicines”.

Director Chen Yajin explained that as long as the causes and progress of the disease and progress of liver cirrhosis can be made early, early treatment, and actively prevent him from further aggravating, which can reduce the harm of cirrhosis.

Life regularly, quit smoking and alcohol, avoid drugs that are damaged to the liver, and regularly take anti -hepatitis B virus drugs to inhibit the activity of hepatitis B virus, which are a good way to prevent liver cirrhosis.

Regarding the traditional Chinese medicine protection that many patients care about, Director Chen said that the traditional Chinese medicine has a certain effect, but it is necessary to consult a doctor at the regular hospital to choose Chinese medicines that have no adverse reactions to the liver.

In addition, regular inspections are also very important. Patients with hepatitis B and hepatitis B virus are best to perform hepatitis B virus detection, liver function, AFP (fetal protein, a tumor logo) quantitative and B -ultrasound. Evaluate the status and liver function compensation of hepatitis B virus.

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