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Director of Rheumatology and Immunology: Children have a fever for more than 14 days, and hurry to the hospital, which may be rheumatism!

October 12th is the Day of World Arthritis. Arthritis is a common chronic disease. People often think that older talents will get it. At the same time, they pay less attention to arthritis. Don’t have to take medicine for treatment.

But in fact, it’s not! Zeng Huasong, director of the Rheumatology and Immunology Department of Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center, said that arthritis is not related to young people, and children can also get arthritis. Arthritis is not a minor illness. It has become the “killer” of the quality of life and exercise function of modern people. It is not uncommon for the cases of disability.

The arthritis is not cured, dragging the family

In the past, traditional arthritis generally referred to rheumatoid, called “immortal cancer”, especially among adults and elderly people, especially in rural areas with economic backward and remote rural areas. The ability of labor seriously affects the quality of life.

In these poor and backward areas, children also have rheumatoids. One of the most impressive cases of Zeng Huasong was that many years ago, a pair of parents pushed in the wheelchair. The wheelchair was sitting in a child with a severe malformation of the body, like a round football, and was placed on a wheelchair. In fact, it suffers from severe rheumatoid arthritis. Because it is not healed for many years, the entire limbs have contracting, resulting in physical malformations, not only children’s pain, losing opportunities for treatment, but also huge pressure on the family to society.

He reminded everyone to realize that osteoarthritis can lead to serious consequences, especially rheumatoid arthritis harmful, resulting in joint function loss, not living normally, to the society to family, and patients related to patients.

If “growth pain” appears, be alert to reactive arthritis

In daily life, many parents may have listened to their children about leg pain and joint pain. In the past, this phenomenon was regarded as “growth pain”, which caused many children to be misdiagnosed.

“Modern medical discovery is not the case. Most of the” growth pain “is also a kind of arthritis, called reactive arthritis.” Zeng Huasong said that the incidence of “growth pain” in children did not have accurate flow data, and it was estimated to be 7-8%, of which more than 70%were caused by arthritis, not ordinary “growth pain”.

In reactive arthritis, the most common is allergic and anti -response arthritis. This disease name has not been officially introduced into textbooks, but this disease is common. Regarding immune response arthritis, not only parents, including many doctors, have failed to attract attention, thinking that it is enough to make up some calcium and eat some vitamin D. In fact, the reason is not simple.

Children with severe “growing pain” can’t fall asleep all night and cry. There are often induced factors before the onset. The first is excessive exercise, and the second is to contact the source of allergies. He reminded parents to correctly understand the child’s “growth pain”. Children have leg pain and articular pain. They should go to a regular hospital for rheumatism and immunotheism and early diagnosis.

It is diagnosed with leukemia arthritis at 9 times

The cause of arthritis is very complicated, and there is a relatively rare arthritis in children -leukemia arthritis.

Zeng Huasong has been diagnosed with a child with leukemia arthritis not long ago. Suddenly it became ill again, and the attack was also a joint swelling and pain. Later, there was a rash at the bleeding point, and finally the diagnosis was leukemia. “

In view of the high misdiagnosis rate of leukemia arthritis, he said that if children’s arthritis pain is excluded from immune arthritis, reactive arthritis, joints have destructive and sloling membrane damage. Magnetic resonance examination must exclude leukemia arthritis before treatment.

“Leukemia arthritis is neither rheumatoid nor an immune reaction arthritis, nor infectious, but the manifestation of leukemia in the joints,” he said. It will cover up the condition. After half a year, the disease showed seriously. Once a child had been diagnosed with leukemia after 9 bone puncture.

Beware of the “burning” whole body rheumatoid

There is a type of rheumatism, which is rare in adults, but more common in children is called systemic rheumatoid, with fever as the first symptom, has a fever for more than 14 days, and eventually occurs with joint symptoms and moves towards rheumatism. Finally, it can cause joint malformations. Seriously threatened children’s health.

“Any fever for more than 14 days must attach great importance and require identification.” Zeng Huasong pointed out that the rheumatoid type caused by continuous fever not only damages the joint, but also causes serious complications life.

This complications are due to a long fever, and the immune system is constantly being damaged. The inflammation is like a waterfall. It cannot be blocked. In the past, the mortality rate was as high as 50-80%. Parents should pay special attention.

In addition to the fever symptoms of the whole body -type rheumatoid, there will also be rash. The body temperature is suddenly up and down, and it suddenly burns to 40 degrees, and the liver, spleen, and lymph nodes are swollen. Doctors usually combine clinical manifestations and blood drawing tests. , Physical examination and diagnosis.

(Correspondent Li Wen)

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