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Diseases: Eat more cauliflower and cabbage with ovarian cancer

Studies have found that if patients with ovarian cancer improve their eating habits and eat more vegetables, they will also extend their survival. So what should I eat ovarian cancer? Experts suggest that patients eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, protein and a variety of vitamins.

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What should I eat ovarian cancer? Eat more broccoli and cabbage


Vegetables have many effects on our body, and are more beneficial to patients with ovarian cancer. The specific types of vegetables mentioned here include Cross -flower vegetables, such as cauliflower, cabbage, white cauliflower, cabbage, cabbage, etc.; or natural foods rich in vitamin E, such as soybeans, cabbage, etc. Patients with ovarian cancer who have been consumed in a large amount for a long time have survived for a long time, but it has no effect when eating vitamin pills. At the same time, this study pointed out that patients who eat the most dairy products after the disease have a higher chance of death than those who eat the least dairy products.

Ovarian cancer is expensive in the early days, but it is contrary to their wishes. This kind of gynecological cancer is difficult to find, and about a quarter of patients are discovered early. Therefore, it is important to find effective auxiliary treatment methods. If the diagnosed ovarian cancer patients have improved their diet and eat more vegetables, they will also extend their survival.

How much vegetables should I eat every day?


According to the recommendation of the Chinese Nutrition Society, more than 300 grams of vegetables should be eaten every day, with 300-500 grams. Most people may not know how much 300 grams of vegetables are, but under normal circumstances, as long as they usually eat one more dish, it is enough to have 300 grams of vegetables.

How to eat more healthy vegetables?

Like other foods, you should pay attention to eating vegetables. Because healthy vegetables are not eaten right, they may also cause cancer. This is because vegetables contain natural compound nitrate nitrate and have high concentrations. When nitrate is eaten with other amine -rich foods, nitrite may be produced. Nitrite is often used in the color of meat as a food additive. After entering the body, nitrite may be converted into nitrosamine, which is a strong carcinogen. Especially vegetables with rich nitrate content such as spinach, radish, cabbage, etc., even if they are not eaten with other foods, it is easy to convert to nitrite under the action of bacteria in the oral cavity.

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