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Do a good job of autumn health lessons starting from the physical examination

The autumn high season quietly came to Shencheng, and the depression and restless emotions caused by the hot summer make people feel refreshing. However, the changes in climate have also posted a certain threat to the health of the elderly. Experts point out that this season should pay special attention to family health in the family, because the autumn is in the transition period of “yang to yin and yin”, and the physical function of the elderly It is relatively weak in itself, and the cold is more likely to invade unknowingly, and it is more likely to suffer from various diseases.

Increase resistance to prevent lung infection

It is easy to cause lung infection in autumn due to a cold. Because the physique of the elderly is weak and the body’s resistance is poor, the temperature decreases after the autumn, and various germs and bacteria can easily enter the deficiency, stimulate the respiratory tract of the elderly, and reproduce a lot. Coupled with the decrease in the surface of the bronchial surface of the elderly, the mucous membrane and glands will gradually shrink with age, and the secretion of antibodies is reduced accordingly. Young people have also decreased, so it is easy to occur in lung infections.

Yipinjian inspection experts pointed out that the lung infection of the elderly in autumn mainly has the following symptoms: there is generally no fever, but there may be changes in sputum traits, and the original white foam is converted to purulent or mucus purulent. Symptoms of cough are not serious, slightly cough or no cough, sometimes only manifested as analog ager, and medical treatment as soon as possible is the key. In addition, the elderly to prevent lung infection should start from preventing colds, keeping fresh and smooth indoor air, pay attention to nutrition in diet, and try to be as light as possible. Usually, you should also do a regular medical examination. In addition to the prevention of lung infection, other lung diseases should also be prevented at all times to pay attention to lung health. Experts suggest that the medical examination items can be done: chest slices (high -clear DR camera): examination There are no lung diseases and hearts, aorta, vertical diaphragm, and abnormal intervals; lung function examination: check early lung and airway disease, identify the cause of dyspnea, diagnose early lung and air tract disease, identify dyspnea breathing difficulties The reason has important guiding significance.

Control blood pressure is the first priority

Autumn is a season of stroke (commonly known as “brain stroke”). Because the temperature in autumn is large, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the blood vessels are shrunk after cold, which increases vascular resistance and causes blood pressure to rise. Essence Clinically, 70%of middle -aged and elderly people have a stroke in autumn. The period of stroke is difficult to predict, and the consequences are more serious. Often, it brings huge economic burden and mental stress to elderly patients themselves and their families.

Yipinjian inspection experts pointed out that although the stroke of the brain suddenly occurred, there were still some signs before. If the elderly themselves and their families carefully observed, it is still possible to control the stroke effectively to reduce the damage of the disease. According to relevant surveys, 70%of patients with stroke patients will have some signs. If the elderly have sudden dizziness or headaches, the eyes will not see the objects for the time being, the tongue is hard to pronounce, and the side of the limbs will become numb and weak. Or if you have mental exhaustion and unable to control your emotions, you must be vigilant. You need to seek medical treatment in time and listen to your doctor.

For the prevention of strokes, the experts of Yipin Jianxue proposed that the elderly should be lighter in the autumn diet, and try to eat fruits and vegetables, especially bananas. Doing more medical examinations is also very helpful for the prevention of the elderly in the elderly. The experts of Yipinqi inspections can do the following projects: blood pressure: check the blood pressure abnormal; Risk prediction; blood lipids: check whether there is abnormal blood lipids, and abnormal blood lipid metabolism is an important risk factors that cause various types of cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction, stroke and other diseases; blood viscosity: detecting blood viscosity If there is abnormal degree, abnormal blood viscosity (increase) is the risk factors of diseases such as myocardial infarction, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension.

Blind supplement is not desirable

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Autumn is a tonic season, and many elderly friends have also begun to supplement various creams at this time. In this regard, the experts in Yipinjian believe that the elderly have a certain effect through the replenishment of the cream, but they must be supplemented and diet according to the specific conditions of their bodies. Now many elderly people like to gather together to exchange their respective health methods. I heard that some people say that they have eaten supplements very effective, and some people have moved their hearts to buy that kind of supplement. Everyone’s condition and constitution are different.

In addition, the elderly must communicate more with doctors in terms of health care. Before the supplementary cream, it is best to have a whole body physical examination. Do not claim themselves, let alone eat supplements blindly. Some elderly people think that children buy various supplements to eat themselves. In fact, many supplements, especially Chinese medicine supplements, are very particular about the cold and heat of the constitution, and the cold and heat itself is divided into different situations. Before taking it Damage, even caused great pain, can be described as a loss.

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