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Do a good job of protection away from “the pain of breathing”

Curchia asthma is often referred to as asthma. It is a chronic airway disease characterized by chronic inflammatory response, high airway reaction, and reversible air flow. The common symptoms are recurring asthma, breath, chest tightness, cough, etc. Due to repeated attacks, it is also called “breathing pain”. Those who have not controlled long -term recurrent seizures can be secondary infection, and bronchial dilatation, irreversible airway reshaping, pulmonary heart disease, respiratory failure, etc. Therefore, patients with asthma need to standardize and manage for a long time, thereby preventing the acute attack of asthma, reducing the occurrence of complications, improving lung function, and improving the quality of life.

On the first Tuesday of each year is the world’s prevention and treatment of asthma. Let us understand the relevant knowledge of asthma together, and then care about the patients with asthma, so that it is away from “the pain of breathing.”

Basic asthma: Which crowd is a good crowd of asthma?

A good crowd of asthma includes asthma among direct relatives, as well as young children, high -allergic constitutions, those who have too much contact with cigarettes, and non -breast milk feeders.

Studies have found that genetic factors play an important role in the onset of asthma. If there are bronchial asthma or other allergic diseases in direct relatives, such people are prone to asthma and have obvious family gathering tendencies; Children with high allergies, children with high airway reactivity, etc. are also prone to asthma; if pregnant women have excessive contact cigarettes during pregnancy, childhood, etc., it is easy to cause asthma than others; Children, children who have not breastfeed after birth, are also good people with asthma.

Can I heal itself with asthma?

Asthma cannot heal itself, and it is difficult to cure. The causes of asthma are intricate, not only the induction of external factors, but also one of the causes of asthma. At present, the pathogenesis of asthma is still in the continuous exploration research stage, and there is no clinical method of rooting asthma. The principle of asthma treatment is generally based on reducing patients’ asthma hair, reducing the symptoms of asthma seizures of patients, and improving the quality of life of patients.

It is particularly reminded that once diagnosis is diagnosed, it is necessary to strictly follow the requirements of the doctor and continue to standardize the treatment for a long time. Patients and family members must also have the ability to adhere to the treatment. Even if the symptoms are reduced under effective treatment, they cannot be taken lightly. They must be checked regularly and carrying drugs with them.

How to first aid during acute asthma?

When an acute attack on asthma, symptoms should be relieved as soon as possible, improving hypoxia, and relieving airway obstruction. details as follows:

Remove the cause: patients with obvious causes should remove the inducement as soon as possible, such as disconnecting allergen and pollution environment, stop using aspirin, non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs, etc. to induce or aggravate asthma.

Symptoms: For patients with mental tension, their tension should be eliminated; for patients with hypoxia, they can take the position of the end and give low flow oxygen or mask oxygen. If necessary, consider giving mechanical ventilation; for patients with cough; Drugs, atomized phlegm and discharge, etc. to keep the respiratory tract open; for those with severe airway obstruction, artificial airway can be considered.

Drug treatment: The first choice β2 receptor agonist, such as the sattamol, a deerlin qi fog agent. Give patients to quickly spray β2 receptor agonists, which can effectively alleviate air tract spasm and relax the bronchus, and achieve the role of treating asthma. At the same time, according to the severity of the disease, it should be treated with sugar cortex inhalation or static drip treatment.

Other: Pay attention to supplementing liquid and electrolytes for patients to prevent the votular obstruction from being densely viscosity due to liquid loss and causing phlegm.

What food is suitable for asthma patients?

First of all, patients with asthma should go to the hospital for allergen testing. After confirming that allergic foods are confirmed, they can eat more beans and their products, protein, vitamin A and other foods. Because beans and products contain calcium elements, they can improve the human body’s resistance, so you can eat more tofu and drink more soy milk and other soy products. Secondly, asthma patients should also take protein appropriately in their diet. General asthma patients are accompanied by symptoms of cough, asthma and fever. These symptoms consume the calories and proteins in the body. Therefore, they can usually quantitatively intake eggs, lean meat, and fish. If it is an elderly asthma patient, it is not advisable to consume too greasy foods, otherwise it will increase the burden on the stomach. It is recommended to eat more green leafy vegetables. Vegetables are rich in carotene, which can be transformed into vitamin A.

Can I do sports with asthma?

Anti -asthma patients should choose aerobic exercise to avoid strenuous exercise. Because exercise has two sides for patients with asthma, it can improve asthma and cause asthma. Therefore, asthma patients should control the degree of exercise, choose the appropriate, intensive exercise, and avoid air quality such as dust and haze. Exercise in bad weather. For example, in the cold season, outdoor running, ball movement, mountain climbing, etc. are more likely to cause asthma; 5-10 minutes of strenuous exercise also easily cause asthma.

Movements suitable for asthma patients are mainly aerobic exercises with unpleasant rhythm, such as swimming, walking, jogging, Tai Chi, etc. The above exercise can enhance patients’ immunity, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and help control and improve asthma. However, before exercise, you must do a good job of warm -up preparation, and the exercise time should not be too long. In addition, pay attention to rest during exercise, and carry asthma and first -aid drugs such as fast -acting bronchus relaxants, and try not to exercise alone to avoid accidents.

Asthma drugs: Scientific medication is far from asthma although the current medical level cannot cure asthma, but through long -term standardized drug treatment, it can prevent acute seizures of asthma, reduce the occurrence of complications, improve lung function, control asthma, improve patients’ lives of life quality. So, what are the drugs for treating asthma? What do asthma patients pay attention to when taking medicine?

What are the drugs used for asthma control?

The commonly used drugs for treating asthma mainly include:

1. Cortical hormone: The preferred medicine for long -term treatment of asthma can effectively control the inflammatory response of the airway.其中,吸入给药可直接作用于呼吸道,药量小;口服给药主要用于吸入给药无效或需要进行加强治疗的患者,药量大,长期使用会导致骨质疏松、肥胖、高血压、 Diabetes, etc.; Intravenous administration is used for severe acute asthma attacks.

2. β2 receptor agonist: divided and short -acting preparation. Commonly used is a skeletal glycol, which is a short -acting preparation. Inhalation is the first choice for alleviating mild moderate acute asthma symptoms. Long -acting β2 receptor agonist can increase patient compliance and reduce adverse reactions caused by large dose of glucocorticoids, and is suitable for long -term treatment of patients with medium -weight continuous asthma. Long -term and single application β2 receptor agonist can cause the cell membrane β2 receptor to reduce the phenomenon of drug resistance and should be avoided.

3. Slow -release tea -alkali: It is mainly to make the tense bronchial smooth muscle relaxing, which can excite the respiratory center and respiratory muscle.

What are the problems of asthma patients when taking medicine?

The problems of asthma drugs mainly include the inappropriate treatment of drugs, inappropriate treatment levels, premature suspension of drugs, and inhalation of drugs.

1. Patients with asthma need to take control drugs for a long time. If you do not usually take it, you can only use it during asthma attacks, which can easily lead to repeated acute attacks on asthma. Therefore, we must standardize the use of drugs to avoid danger.

2. Patients with asthma should choose suitable level of treatment drugs according to the severity of the condition during treatment. If the patient’s condition is more serious, only small doses or single drugs cannot control the condition.

3. Many asthma patients will stop the medicine without authorization after taking the symptoms of alleviating drugs, causing asthma to develop again. Therefore, during the treatment process, if the airway inflammation is not well controlled, the medicine cannot be stopped prematurely.

4. Patients with asthma often need to inhale drug treatment, and some families have adopted incorrect inhalation methods because they do not have such devices. I would like to remind the majority of asthma patients to choose the correct drug inhalation method under the guidance of a doctor when inhaling the treatment of asthma.

What drugs should patients take?

Clinically, there are many drugs that cause or aggravate asthma, such as some hot analgesic drugs, β -blockers, iodine -containing film, etc., and asthma patients must pay attention when taking medicine.

1. Anti -heat -relieving analgesic drugs: including aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, ibuprofen, and cosimin, etc., also pay special attention to compound preparations containing the above drugs. Among them, among the asthma patients caused by aspirin, some cases have nasal polyps at the same time, known as aspirin allergies-asthma-nasal polyps. Its pathogenesis is related to the abnormal metabolism of peanutoramic acid.

2. β -blocker: This type of drug can block the beta receptor, cause the bronchial smooth muscle contraction, and enhance the respiratory resistance. Sometimes it can induce the acute attack of asthma or aggravate the symptoms of asthma. These drugs mainly include Pluglol, Moolol, 哚lolol, Antolol, Metolol, Belek and so on.

3. iodine -containing contrast agent: Patients with asthma need to stimulate iodine -containing contrast agents when making enhanced CT, etc., pay attention to the drug can induce or aggravate asthma.

4. Antibacterial drugs: including penicillin, cephalosporins, chaincin, sulfa, etc.

5. Sending drugs: sedatives have the effect of respiratory suppression. If you use asthma patients, you can aggravate respiratory failure.

World Prevention and Treatment of Asthma: Protect children and children, scientifically understand children’s asthma

The onset of asthma in children is mostly family history, and there are many seasonality. Those who are light may relieve themselves, and there is no symptoms or signs to relieve the period. However, severe may cause respiratory failure, and even endangers patient life, and needs emergency treatment. Therefore, it is essential to understand the cause of science and understanding of children’s asthma and prevent prevention. So, what are the causes of children’s asthma? How to prevent it?

How is children’s asthma caused?

Studies have found that the causes of children’s asthma are mainly the following:

1. Environmental factors: Living in areas with severe pollution, air is often contaminated, which can easily cause children with asthma.

2. Genetic factors: Parents suffer from asthma or children with allergic family history, which is more likely to suffer from asthma.

3. Tobacco tobacco: Pregnant women smoke or children have been in a second -hand smoke environment for a long time and are susceptible to asthma.

4. Weather changes: autumn and winter seasons or sudden cold air and haze days are easy to cause children with asthma.

5. Allergens: If children are allergic to dust mites, pets, pollen or mold, paint, etc., they may induce asthma.

Parents need to pay attention at all times. Once the child has symptoms such as cough and asthma, severe breathing, and purple magpie, you must seek medical treatment immediately to avoid delaying the condition and endangering life.

How to prevent children with asthma?

The initial symptoms of asthma children may not be asthma, but parents and friends can be used as early warning signals from the following points.

1. Children have long -term cough, mostly dry cough, less sputum.

2. After the child inhaled cold air, it will cause irritating dry cough. 3. Frequent chest tightness, symptoms may increase during colds.

4. Allergies to some things (such as pollen, mites, seafood, etc.).

If you find that your child has the above symptoms, parents must pay attention to prevention.

1. Find the cause of the disease and stay away. Asthma is mostly caused by allergens (such as mites, pollen, hair, seafood, etc.), physical chemical stimulation (paint, tobacco, air pollution, etc.), cold air, sports, drugs, and respiratory tract infections. It is easy to breed mites; regularly remove mites on bedding; decoration is as simple and easy to clean as possible to avoid accumulating dust; where it is not easy to suck second -hand smoke; prevent colds, etc. If you do n’t know what material is allergic to the child, you must carefully observe the child’s incidence, or you can go to the hospital for allergen testing and cooperate with the allergens. Stay away from the cause of the pathogenic can reduce the occurrence of asthma very effectively.

2. In the relieving period of asthma attacks, the treatment of obeying medical advice is an effective method for preventing and reducing asthma attacks. The treatment of children’s asthma is very long, and the relief period still needs to be treated. Therefore, parents must understand the importance and necessity of long -term treatment.

3. Improve autoimmunity. Parents should ensure their children’s life, get up early and get up early, avoid excessive fatigue, and perform sports activities appropriately, but the amount of exercise should not be too large.

How to prevent children’s cough and mutant asthma?

Children’s asthma sometimes has no symptoms of asthma, only manifested as repeated and chronic cough (greater than 1 month), also known as cough mutant asthma. The disease often has a history of personal or family allergies. It is easy to attack at night and early morning. Cold air and exercise can increase cough. In the treatment of children’s cough mutant asthma, it is recommended to adopt the principles of long -term, continuous, standardized and individualized treatment. You can use the following drugs specifically:

1. Inhale of glucocorticoids. At present, children such as pheid, propionic acid dysatison, etc. are inhaled in sugar corticosteroids. Generally, continuously inhale inhaling in accordance with one week. Severe patients can use glucocorticoids in short -term oral or venous.

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2. White tritenyne receptor antagonist. For example, Zaruster can selectively inhibit the active of leukene peptide in the airway smooth muscle, thereby preventing and inhibiting airway inflammation caused by leukenene.

3. Bronchium diastolic agent. A short -acting β -receptor agonist atommium treatment can be selected. Most of the treatment courses are 1 to 2 weeks, and the symptoms of cough will be significantly reduced or relieved.

还要提醒的是,生活中还应该注意避免接触过敏原,如花粉、油漆、虾、蟹等致敏物质;注意气候变化,冬季外出防止受寒,预防外感诱发哮喘;加强自我教育管理,患The family members should actively learn the knowledge of asthma to better cooperate with treatment and prevention.

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