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Do I need to go to the hospital with a fever?Don’t hesitate in these situations

What should I do if my child has a fever? The anxious mother took the child to the hospital directly. The calm mother first gave the child’s body temperature and observation, and depended on the situation and then decided whether to go to the hospital. There are many conditions for children to have fever. In some cases, they only need to care for home care, but some cases must seek medical treatment in time.

Pediatric experts said that when the child has a fever or the following symptoms, parents should take the child to seek medical treatment in time:

1. Baby below the age of the baby, with any signs of illness, should go to the hospital, especially when the baby has a fever exceeding 38 ° C (underarm temperature) or cough;

2. After the baby has a cold, there is a bad face, a stingy, or a large number of vomiting and diarrhea;

3. After the baby’s care, the condition does not improve, but instead has severe cough, accelerate breathing, difficulty breathing, and uneven breathing;

Babies between 4.3 months and 3 years old have anal temperature at 38 ° C or above. They continue to have a fever for more than three days or the baby shows sticky people, not drinking water, etc.

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5. Babies of any age, at 40 ° C or above the mouth temperature, anal temperature, or ear temperature, or when the underarm temperature reaches 39.4 ° C or above;

6. When a baby of any age appears at the first time when the heat seizure is hot;

7. Babies of any age have a fever for more than 5 days, even if the fever lasts only a few hours a day.

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