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Do I need to rest in bed for lumbar muscle strain?

Patients have lumbar muscle strain and usually need to rest in bed, which can reduce the pain of lumbar muscle strain and assist the treatment of lumbar muscle strain.

Lumbar muscle strain, also known as, chronic lower lumbar injury, functional low back pain, lumbar and fascia, etc., is actually one of the common causes of lumbar muscles and chronic damage to the vertical fascia or oscosus.Common causes are not timely treatment, improper treatment methods, acute lumbar sprain and long -term repeated lumbar muscle strain.Lumbar muscle strain will have waist pain or pain, part of the tingling or burning pain, you cannot stick to the bending work, there are tender points on the waist, mostly at the back of the iliac spine, the sacral spinal muscle, and the post -sacrifice spinal spinal muscle stop pointOr the lumbar spine horizontal.Lumbar muscle strain can be diagnosed through X -ray examination, etc., to avoid overwork and correct bad positions in treatment.Strengthen the back muscle exercise to prevent the muscle tension from disordering. For example, take the prone position, remove the pillow, and then lift your chest with your chest and your feet.Shoulder.In addition, drugs can also be treated, mainly for anti -inflammatory painkillers, injection corticosteroids, and oral non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs, local topical muscle pine medicine and analgesic drugs.It is also possible to promote the blood circulation therapy such as massage, physiotherapy, massage, and massage.Those with fixed tenderness points can be closed with 0.5%to 1%Pulin acid pine or acetate, which can be closed for pain points, and the effect is good.Lumbar muscle strain does not require surgery, and surgery may increase symptoms.

Patients have lumbar muscle strain. We must not sit for a long time for a long time. Excessive bending and heavy things or lift heavy objects, otherwise the clinical symptoms of the patient’s lumbar muscle strain will increase, which is not conducive to recovery.Don’t sleep in a humid place at will.According to the changes in the climate, add clothes at any time. After sweating and rain, replace wet clothes or dry your body in time.

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