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“Do” into a sensitive muscle, how can you save your skin?

Recently, Xiao Shuang felt that his face was uncomfortable. The same skin care products had no problem in the past. Now there is a tingling sensation after rubbing, the cheeks will be red, and itching and burning sensation often appear.

Doctors analyze that Xiao Shuang’s makeup, makeup remover, and cleansing times are too frequent. Sometimes the number of makeup times a day exceeds 3 times, which eventually causes the skin to become sensitive muscles.

People like Xiao Shuang are not an example. According to the survey, 40%to 56%of sensitive muscles are Asian women, of which Chinese women account for 36%, while women in large cities are mostly female sensitive muscle groups, women aged 20-30 years old It is the main group of sensitive muscles. Therefore, there are many young urban women who have become sensitive.

Today, Xiao Jiu invited Hu Yunfeng, deputy director of the dermatology department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, and asked him to talk about the causes and treatment methods of sensitive muscles to save us to save the majority of sensitive muscles.

Causes of sensitive muscle formation:

1. Excessive cleaning, excessive skin care, frequent exfoliating, removal of makeup without makeup, damage to sebum membrane and stratum corneum.

2. Wrong face washing method, use towels, cotton pads, etc., rubbing hard on the face to exacerbate skin damage.

3. High work pressure, endocrine disorders caused by long -term staying up late, and decreased skin repair ability.

4. There are skin problems such as acne, spots, etc., using fast -efficient skin care products, destroying the skin barrier, and forming red blood on the face. In order to cover the skin problems, we must use concealer cosmetics. Form a vicious circle.

Treatment of sensitive muscle:

1. Back to nature: Let the skin rest, reduce the number of makeup and cleansing, restore the skin care to normal, and a mild cleansing+lotion/cream (when washing your face, you should not be too heavy). You can judge the number of daily cleansing according to your own skin condition. Dry skin can be cleaned with cleansing milk once the next day. The neutral skin can be considered once a day in the morning and evening.

Strengthen the skin retention function of the skin, and use moisturizing creams, water supplement masks, etc. It should be noted that the number of masks should not be too frequent. It can be two to three times a week. At the same time, reduce unnecessary functional masks, such as cleaning masks, whitening masks Wait.

The skin has the ability to repair, and it will slowly repair it without completely damaging. All in all, remember to maintain stability as the first premise. Do not toss your face again. Try not to try new cosmetics and skin care products, especially do not use the unknown cure sensitive muscles of the XX circle. It may make the skin more sensitive.

2. No makeup removal during lunch break: According to the normal logic, makeup removal when sleeping. Many women also sleep again when they sleep, and make makeup again when they go out in the afternoon. Said, there is one more damage to makeup remover and makeup.

Dr. Hu mentioned that under normal circumstances, it is better to remove makeup and sleep, but the sensitive muscles are special. If the lunch break is short at noon, and you need to bring makeup out in the afternoon, it is recommended to keep the makeup lunch break. (Sensitive muscles are best not to make up)

3. Pay attention to the environment: The sensitive muscles are particularly vulnerable to external environmental stimulation such as heat, cold, and dryness.

In summer, we must strengthen sun protection when going out, and recommend physical sunscreen, such as supporting umbrellas, hats, masks, etc.

In autumn and winter, you should do a good job of cold, keep warm, reduce the stimulation of the skin on the opposite side of the wind. You can wear masks and scarves.

4. Pay attention to diet: Reduce the intake of spicy food and drink as little as possible.

5. Seeing a doctor: When sensitive and reddish, remember to go to the hospital for treatment. For the sensitive skin of the onset, doctors give more anti -inflammatory and anti -allergic drugs oral and external. To relieve the acute attack of sensitive muscles.

In addition, doctors also use some medical repair skin care products, which are suitable for patients’ daily care and repair.

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6. Medical beauty means: If you feel that red blood wire affects the beauty, you can consider using low -energy laser or photon rejuvenation for anti -allergies to remove the expanded red blood wire.

In the end, Dr. Hu reminded that the most important thing for skin care is to reduce the burden on the skin, clean, moisturize, and sunscreen. Don’t stay up late to anxiety, eat less greasy and spicy food, and maintain a happy mood is the best love for the skin.

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