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Do not blindly use antibiotics with bronchitis

Many people naturally think of the use of antibiotics when they mention the infection. They do not know that antibiotics are suitable for bacterial, intracellular bacteria infections, or virus infections with bacterial infections. Increase risk. Experts point out that most of the pediatric bronchitis clinically use oral medication and atomizing inhalation treatment to effectively control the condition. Generally, antibiotics are not required.

Most parents are not very clear about the pharmacological nature of the drug, especially the characteristics and dosage of the baby’s medication are different from adults. Therefore, it is not recommended to use cough and anti -inflammatory drugs for babies. At present, some cough potion on the market contains antitussive ingredients. Babies with bronchitis may use these drugs to reduce the frequency of cough on the surface, but often lead to worse ability to cough and phlegm. Endogly baby’s life.

If the bronchitis is properly treated, the course of treatment will generally improve significantly in 7-10 days. Parents need to keep in mind when taking medicine to the sick baby. The treatment should be thorough. Do not see the symptoms of the symptoms after two or three days of taking the medicine. In addition, the baby with normal immune function will not recur on the healing of bronchitis as soon as possible. If the baby often has bronchitis, it should be suspected of whether there is a respiratory allergic disease, narrow ancestor, cilia or congenital immunity, or congenital immunity. Parents should go to the hospital for examination and treat them in a timely manner at this time.

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