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Do not forget anti -sugar prevention, how to exercise sugar in patients with diabetes during home isolation?

When lying at home is to contribute to society, the joke becomes a reality, and many people find that the “ideal life” was actually more troublesome.

For patients with type 2 diabetes who need to participate in sugar control, it is impossible to go out means losing a lot of daily sports. When there is no other sports equipment at home, how to ensure that the amount of daily exercise has become a worrying problem.

Relevant guidelines recommend that patients with type 2 diabetes need at least 150 minutes of medium -intensity exercise per week. How to do better for patients with diabetes at home?

How to choose exercise time and what are the precautions before and after exercise

Considering that hypoglycemia may occur, diabetic patients are best to choose 1 hour after meal, because at this time the human body’s digestion and absorption of mistakes is relatively fast, the level of blood sugar will increase significantly. The decomposition metabolism of sugar.

Before the formal exercise, you need to do a low-intensity preparation exercise of 5-10 minutes. During the exercise, you need to replenish water in time. You should pay attention to the changes in heart rate. If you have fatigue, dizziness, new cheerful chest, poor breathing, etc., you should stop exercise immediately and rest.

Before the exercise is officially ended, it is best to perform a 5-10 minutes of finishing exercise to slow down the heart rate to the calm level. Do not stop exercise suddenly. Cardiovascular accidents may occur.

The conditions are limited, how to choose the home movement?

For most people, there is no spacious space such as treadmills such as treadmills at home, and the choice of sports projects is also tangled. What are the indoor exercises suitable for diabetic people?

1 Taijiquan

Patients isolation of diabetes at home can play Taijiquan at home. A set of Tai Chi boxing can not only calm down the emotions, but also the amount of exercise has reached the standard.

2 indoor fast walking

Walking is the easiest exercise, and it is not possible to go out for a special period. For 30 minutes of fast walking every day, you can ensure the amount of daily exercise.

3 resistance movement

Proper anti -resistance exercise can exercise muscles, enhance muscle strength, and improve insulin resistance. Patients with diabetes can choose projects such as push -ups, squatting, flat support and other items according to their own conditions.

However, it should be noted that the anti-resistance exercise does not need to be done every day, 2-3 times a week.

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Don’t forget to resist sugar while resistance. When home isolation, exercise cannot be forgotten. May the epidemic pass soon, everyone will return to normal life!

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