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Do not step into four misunderstandings for skin medicine

Spring is not only a high incidence of a cold, but also a period of high incidence of skin diseases. Many friends choose to take the medicine by themselves, but friends who choose to take medicine must be careful not to step into these four misunderstandings.

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Do not step into four misunderstandings for skin medicine

Misunderstanding 1: Hormone ointment can be used for a long time

Long -term extensive hormone ointment can cause side effects of the whole body through skin absorption. Long -term use of some hormone ointment can cause some adverse reactions to the skin, such as: skin atrophy (thin), capillaries, pigmentation (decrease), acne, leisone nose, purpura, peripheral dermatitis, hairpinis, rapid reduction of reduced reduction Min, rebound, etc.

Many people have osteoporosis and other symptoms due to a large amount of external hormone ointment. In severe cases, they even cause spontaneous fractures.

Long -term use of hormones can also induce or aggravate infection, spreading and deteriorating the infection lesions. Some patients have therefore induced stomach and duodenal ulcers, causing ulcer bleeding and perforation. Other patients are therefore induced glaucoma and cataracts.

Misunderstanding 2: Hormonal ointment is a universal medicine for skin diseases

Because hormones are immunosuppressive drugs, they can induce or aggravate infections, so they are not applicable to viruses, bacteria and fungal skin diseases.

For example, herpes simplex, skin tuberculosis, acne, folliculitis, footprint, ringworm, and ringworm cannot use hormone ointment, otherwise it can only aggravate the condition and delay treatment.

Misunderstanding 3: Children and elderly can use hormone ointment

The body surface area of ​​infants and children is relatively large, so the sensitivity to hormones is greater than adults. Therefore, babies and children should minimize the amount of drugs as much as possible, and only use inefficient or hormonal ointment. Patients with elderly skin diseases with chronic diseases should be cautious with hormone ointment, especially patients with hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, epilepsy and mental illness, especially such drugs should not be used too much.

Misunderstanding 4: The rash can stop the medicine immediately

Patients who have long -term use of corticosteroids can generate habit dependence or addiction. After a long time of use, they cannot stop the drug suddenly. After a long cortex ointment, the normal function of the body adrenal cortex is suppressed. Once the drug is stopped, the condition can be aggravated due to insufficient secretion of the body. Therefore, after a long period of use of corticosteroid ointment, if the drug is needed, the dose of medication should be gradually reduced until the drug is completely discontinued.

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