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Do not take a lot of vitamins before taking blood

The test is an important method for diagnosing diseases. As a result, the accuracy is closely related to the patient’s cooperation. To this end, the correct preparation before the test is the prerequisite for the accurate results. Take the common blood collection test, you need to pay attention:

First, the collection time of fasting blood.

Empty blood, usually refers to the blood that is not dinner in the morning, and the blood is drawn about 8-12 hours a meal. After eating, a variety of material components in the blood will show temporary changes, which cannot reflect the authenticity of the body. The collection time of fasting blood is generally in the morning, and it can also be 6 hours after a light diet when special needs. Maintain the usual eating habits 2 weeks before the blood test, and take blood at 12 hours after a meal.

Second, it is not advisable to exercise more before taking blood.

One type of exercise is static, that is, the duration is not long, but it has high intensity, such as weightlifting, throwing the ball, etc., and the energy stored in the muscles has little impact on the test. Another type of movement is dynamic, that is, long duration, and small movement intensity, such as long -distance running, swimming, bicycle competitions, etc., need a lot of calories to maintain, which has a greater impact on the test results. Try to avoid it within 2 days before the test.

Third, take a lot of vitamins before taking blood.

Do not take a lot of vitamins before taking blood, otherwise some test results will be distorted. For example, intake of large -dose vitamin C will affect the result of urine sugar.

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Fourth, please stretch the ring finger when the peripheral blood test test.

The peripheral blood collection is suitable for test items with a blood volume of less than 0.1 ml, such as peripheral blood sugar. Generally, the side of the fingertips of the left hand ring fingertips is usually selected. One is that the blood vessels in this part are rich, and the other is that it will not affect the fingers to continue to contact the object after breaking the mouth.

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