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Do not trust the recipe for treatment of male health

The ancestral secret recipe prescription is cure infertility?

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Do not deny that some recipes have a certain effect on the male infertility caused by some reasons, but if it is not distinguished, the infertility caused by does not analyze. This approach is obviously unscientific.

Infertility such as congenital testicular developmental dysplasia, deficiency of congenital vasters, no matter sperm -free, no matter what kind of medicine you take and how long you eat, it is useless. A lot of hard money wasted. For those doctors who make my mystery, make their own treatments very mysterious, take yourself as a doctor and speak for you, especially be careful.

The cause of infertility requires the cause of the “root” treatment

The cause of male infertility is complicated, and many diseases or factors can cause infertility. Treatment of infertility requires the cause of “root” treatment.

1. Venture pipe: The vas deferens can be checked when checking the method, that is, the reason for all the problems after all problems, must be the problem of vastness tubes. It is also mainly surgical treatment.

2. Sexual dysfunction: The best treatment method for this cause is to treat premature ejaculation of impotence diseases. There are currently two treatments: medicine and surgery. At present, the treatment of impotence disease is commonly used in the back of the penis back venous vein blocking For surgery, the effective treatment of premature ejaculation is a penis back nerve block. For these two operations, the treatment of drugs is fast and does not recur.

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3. Reproductive infection: The effective method is to treat the affected area in a timely manner. Generally speaking, antibiotics are mostly treated with reproductive inflammatory infections. Severe prostatitis diseases are used. Surgical treatment can be treated with prostate cysts. Such diseases have very good effect in early treatment. After the inflammatory diseases, the sperm will not be threatened by inflammatory bacteria from the way from the sperm, and the problem of infertility will naturally be resolved.

4. Sacrifice varicose veins: The treatment method of inguous veins is based on surgery. For many years of development, the operation has been very mature.

5. Abnormal testicular: Abnormal testicles are mainly surgical therapy. For example, in -necked testicular traction surgical treatment can be performed.

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