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Do not want to be acted with amputated diabetes, you have to take care of you like this

Speaking of complications of diabetes, the most afraid of sugar friends is the foot of diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the important “murderers” that leads to amputation. Because long -term high blood sugar is highly impact on blood vessels and nerves, it is very important to cause gangrene and even amputation in a poor minute. Therefore, daily feet care becomes very important.

The root cause of the problem is blood sugar

Many patients with diabetic feet are not well controlled by blood sugar for a long time. The whole body includes the blood vessels, nerves, and even other tissues. It has been “immersed” in the blood of high blood sugar for a long time.

Therefore, if you don’t want to have diabetes, you must first deal with the “root”. In daily life, the “five carriages” of diabetes treatment -diet, exercise, blood glucose detection, drug treatment and diabetes education. “Root” is not rotten, and your feet are not so rotten.

Washing your feet is the most tested kung fu and optimistic about these points

Many people with diabetes like to wash their feet and bubble feet at night. During this time, they can prevent diabetic feet earlier.

Step 1: Before washing your feet, take off your socks and observe whether your feet are damaged, swollen, abnormally white, long, and so on. Then, when I smelled and touched my feet, there was an unusual smell, cold (non -winter), whether the two feet had a temperature difference.

Diabetes causes insufficient blood supply to the foot because of the lower limb vascular disease of diabetes, and the skin temperature will decrease. Secondly, the blood supply is insufficient, and the nutrition obtained by both feet skin is not enough.

Step 2: Pour the feet with appropriate temperature, about 37 ° C. It is better. Especially the old sugar friends who have been diabetes for many years, because they are not sensitive to the temperature, and sometimes the water that does not feel hot, in fact, the temperature is already very high, and there are even sugar friends to burn their feet to burn their feet.

Therefore, it is best to use the thermometer to measure, or buy a washbasin with a temperature display. It is gentle when washing, 5-10 minutes.

Step 3: See if nails need to be trimmed. If you need it, remember to cut it straight when trimming. Do not cut it to avoid accidental injury to the nail bed, which is easy to cause infection.

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Step 4: Use cotton cloth to dry your feet softly, dry the toe seams, and then apply the moisturizing cream. Massage your feet by the way during the application process.

What needs to be reminded is that the feet are not active and not active. Therefore, people with diabetes should take a proper walk and massage their feet, but we must wear sneakers and socks with suitable sizes and comfortable texture during exercise.

If you find that your feet are damaged, blisters, chicken eyes, etc., the disinfection equipment at home is incomplete, it is best not to deal with it by yourself, and go to the hospital to let the professional doctor deal with it in time.

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