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Do not want to rot the amputation, the early signal of diabetic foot must be grasped

We know that there will be many complications after diabetes. One of the most common complications is diabetes. If it is not resolved in time, it is even risk of amputation. This result is also what everyone doesn’t want to see. I hope that everyone can have a certain understanding of the early signals of diabetes. This can be discovered early and slowed their progress.

Early signal of diabetic foot:

1. Take a while of sore legs and stomachs

Many patients with diabetic feet will have a short path after 1-3 years of onset. For example, there is only a journey of about one hundred meters, and the feeling of sore legs and belly will appear, and the soreness will be relieved after stopping.

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This is a typical signal of diabetic feet, because these diabetic patients have merged severe lower limb arteriosclerosis and occlusion, and the entire lower limb to the feet has problems. Once the skin appears skin lesions, the wound is difficult to heal and become an ulcer that has been cured for a long time.

If patients who have been sick for many years suddenly find that they are prone to soreness when they walk, they must go to the hospital.

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