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Do n’t worry about the fever of the child, deal with it by yourself below 38.5 ° C, and the 3 cooling methods quickly reduce fever

“Mom, kids have a fever now, don’t wear so many clothes for her.”

“Children have a fever just to wear more clothes and let Khan get out.” Facing the accusations of the daughter -in -law, not only did not listen to the daughter -in -law, but also covered the quilt to the child.

Regarding such arguments, it is not only the controversy between mother -in -law and mother -in -law, but also the debate between traditional Chinese culture and Western culture. It is a controversy of Chinese medicine and western medicine.

So, when we have a cold, should we wear less clothes and fever, or do we wear more sweat and fever?

1. Is covering sweat and degenerate science? is that useful?

What many people will encounter by the upper daughter -in -law will encounter it, so is there a scientific basis for covering sweat and antipyretic?

In fact, covering the quilt fever belongs to a physical cooling method, which uses a large amount of sweat to take away some heat of the body surface, thereby reducing the body temperature. However, this antipyretic method is not suitable for all situations. Generally, if an adult is low -heat due to a cold, you can use this method to reduce thermal heating.

But if you cover the quilt when high fever, it will easily cause people to have high fever and stigma and collapse after a large number of sweating. In addition, children should not use this method, because the child temperature adjustment mechanism of children is still weak. If the wrap is too strict, the body temperature will rise faster, which will easily lead to convulsions, convulsions, and even shock, which will be extremely harmful to the body.

Therefore, it is not recommended to cover sweat when high fever and pediatric fever.

2. Is there a different temperature of children and adults? What is normal?

The child is the hope of a family. Once there is a headache, the parents are very nervous. We know that the normal body temperature of adults is between 36-37 ° C, and some parents will use this temperature to constant the temperature of the child’s body temperature.

However, Director Pediatric Malaysia Baohai, the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Weifang City, said that the temperature of the child’s body temperature is different. The child fluctuates between 36-37.5 ° C, and it is also related to the temperature and the baby’s dressing cover.

For example, when giving a child temperature, you can measure it before feeding, because after feeding or after activity, the body temperature will change.

If you find that the child’s face is red and breathing fast, pay attention to the temperature of the child to see if you have a fever.

Third, the child’s fever, the preferred antipyretic medicine cools down

As mentioned above, the child’s temperature exceeds 37.5 ° C is a fever. How can I give fever at this time?

If the child has a fever below 38.5 ° C, try not to take antipyretics first, because taking antipyretics prematurely can easily cover the condition. At this time, physical cooling can be used to help the child antipyretic.

However, when the child continues to have a high fever above 38.5 ° C, it is recommended to take antipyretic medicine. At present, there are two main categories suitable for children’s antipyretic fever, namely acetaminol (such as Tynolin) and ibuprofen (such as beauty, such as beauty Lin, etc.), these two antipyretic drugs are the most commonly used drugs, which have the effect of solving heat, but the intensity, chemical structure, and adverse reactions of the two are very different. Therefore Essence

The intensity of ibuprofen is slightly larger than acetylphenols and has a longer effect time. It is generally recommended not to take babies of less than 6 months, otherwise it is easy to cover the baby’s body temperature and inflammation, affecting the observation and judgment of the disease.

According to domestic treatment standards, children with 6 months and above can use ibuprofen or acetaminol; infants over 2 months and 6 months have fever, and only acetaminol is recommended.

It is worth noting that both ibuprofen or acetaminol is used to reduce fever, you must take it strictly or in accordance with the instructions to avoid irreversible damage to the children.

4. Children with low fever, these 3 kinds of physical cooling are really effective

Many parents are busy when they encounter children’s fever. We can often hear doctors say that they want to cool their children physical cooling. So how to physical cooling is effective?

1. Unlock the clothes while ensuring the indoor temperature

Parents should pay attention to the surrounding environmental temperature when they have a fever. This is a very important measure. Parents need to reduce the environmental temperature of their children. For fever children, unbuttoning or quilts, especially newborns and babies. In addition, the window is also opened to ventilate, or the air conditioner is turned on to control the indoor temperature at about 22-26 ° C.

2, warm water bath

Children can use warm water baths to cool down. It is recommended to be about 34-36 ° C in water temperature. Generally, the temperature of the child should be 2 to 3 ° C lower than the child’s body temperature. The warm water bath time is about 15 minutes. Straight blowing or streaming wind.

It is recommended to use a sitting type. Below the abdomen should be soaked in warm water. You can wipe it gently with a wet towel above the abdomen to keep the skin a certain humidity. You can slowly volatilize in the air for heat dissipation. The focus should be wiped out of the armpit, neck, and groin. Be careful not to use ice water or cold water, otherwise it will easily cause cold wars and increase body temperature.

3. Wipe alcohol

For children suitable for wiping with alcohol, 30 % to 40 % of alcohol can be used to wet with a towel, and gently wipe it in the direction below:

Upper limbs: On one side of the armpit — the outer arm of the upper arm -arm -side chest — under the armpit — inner arm of the upper arm -palm of the palm;

Lower limbs: Hip on one side -the outer side of the thigh -back -inside -groin -inner thigh -roue -heel.

Be careful not to wipe your child’s abdomen, hind neck, chest area and soles of the feet.

In addition, the skin of the newborn and children under the age of 1 is not suitable for wiping with alcohol, so as not to cause alcohol poisoning; the skin with bleeding points, bleeding tendency, and leukemia children should not wipe the physical cooling method with alcohol.Children’s fever is very common. Parents must learn how to deal with children’s fever. Whether they are taking antipyretics or physical cooling, if they find that the child continues to have an abnormal fever, mental deficiency, and difficulty breathing, they must seek medical treatment in time.

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