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Do the following seven o’clock away from impotence

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1. regular exercise

A large amount of evidence shows that running, swimming, and other forms of aerobic exercise can help prevent erectile dysfunction. Also be careful of other exercises that cause stress on sexual organs, especially cycling. People who ride bicycles for a long time should choose a bicycle that suits them, wearing pants with pads, and it is best to stand on ride.

2. Pay attention to diet

The diet that is not conducive to the heart is also not conducive to sexual ability. A small amount of fruits and vegetables and high -fat foods can not only prevent the blood flow of the coronary arteries, but also prevent the blood flow of the flowing organs. Pay attention to diet is the most important point of preventing impotence.

3. Control pressure

Psychological stress will increase the level of adrenal glands and cause vascular infections. Any things that relieve stress or make good mood can help.

4. Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

To prevent impotence, pay attention to prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Hypertension High cholesterol damage blood vessels, including blood vessels flowing to sex organs, will cause erectile dysfunction. Visit the doctor regularly to ensure your blood pressure and cholesterol.

5. Quit smoking or smoke less

Smoking can damage the blood vessels and prevent the blood flow of the flowing organs. Nicotine is also infected with blood vessels. Therefore, preventing impotence should be quit smoking.

6. Drink moderately or simply not to drink

There is no evidence that moderate drinking is not conducive to erection, but long -term drinking can damage the liver, nerves and other problems that may cause erectile dysfunction.

7. Keep healthy weight

Overweight can cause a lot of health problems, including diabetes that can cause nerve injury. If the nerves that affect the sex organs may cause erectile dysfunction.

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