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Do you entrust your child to TV?

The rich children’s show “tied” the child for a long time in front of the TV, and the busy parents took this opportunity to take a breath, so there were more and more “TV babies”. The baby came up with a conversation of a TV show coldly, and the parents were shocked and happy, and felt that children could learn more good knowledge when watching TV. Is it true that the child is entrusted to the TV?

● Parents: How about “TV nanny”?

3 -year -old Yuyu is a standard “TV baby”. In terms of the choice of TV shows, he belongs to “omnivorous”, cartoons like, advertisements also like, “Happy Boy” that moms like “Happy Grand” also like it. A word: “Mom, this uncle can’t do it.” Mom and grandma laughed.

When Yu Yu was born, his mother was in her 40s and her grandma was in her 70s. Dad and mother are busy with their own work. Grandma is not very good, and the TV has become his “partner” and “nanny” when he was a child. “I am tired after getting home from get off work. I have to cook and do housework. I can only let my child watch TV by himself.” Yu Yu’s mother said helplessly.

When the parents are busy, it is indeed a very good choice to put the child in front of the TV. The colorful TV show can allow the child to stay quietly for an hour or two. At this time, parents do not have to worry about their children’s troubles, and they can rest assured that they are busy with their own affairs.

But will this be harmful to children? Should children watch TV? How long does it take to watch TV? These issues also trouble many parents.

This kind of concern is not redundant. “Some parents are too busy, or some elderly people and nanny are looking at their children when they are watching their children. They let the TV watch their children on their own. This approach is not the best choice.”

● Experts: Watching TV is not good for children’s social ability development

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“Children under the age of 5 have immature eyes. Watching TV at a close and long -term and long -term are damaged to the children’s eyes.” The doctor said. Although children can also gain certain knowledge from the animation show, such as the “Rainbow Cat and Blue Rabbit” series of cartoons, watching TV is a passive process. When watching TV, the child’s brain waves are in an unrealistic state. So long -term watching TV is not good for children’s intelligence development.

According to relevant information, the healthy development of the brain under the age of two needs to interact and communicate with people, and television cannot meet this requirement. For children over the age of 2, excessive watching TV can lead to obesity and cannot exert learning potential.

The violence on TV will make children fight well, and the content of the advertisement makes children have more desire to consume. “Children are attracted by television for a long time, and indulge in the virtual world will confuse the boundaries of real life and virtual world to a certain extent. TV programs have occupied a lot of time for children, and their social ability cannot be developed well. “The doctor said.

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