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Do you have lung cancer?Do you want to perform surgery?Tell you the truth

“If it hadn’t been falling, I really don’t know what would happen.”



Xiao Chen, 11, accidentally fell down last year. After the parents took it to the inspection, a 5mm grinding glass nodule was found under the CT examination. At that time, the doctor told Xiao Chen to retire, but Xiao Chen’s parents had no abnormalities after watching the child, and gradually forgot about it.

Until this year, Xiao Chen’s grandmother found a large shadow of 4cm in the medical examination, and was diagnosed with lung cancer after a detailed examination. Because her grandmother’s lung cancer also changed bad nodules, this made Mother Xiao Chen think of the nodules in Xiao Chen’s body.

With consciousness, the doctor suggested that Xiao Chen reviewed immediately. It was found that the nodules in Xiaochen’s body leaned against the pulmonary membrane and held the pleura. It is recommended to surgery as soon as possible. In the end, the pathological results also confirmed that Xiao Chen was the right lower lung adenocarcinoma. Fortunately, the lesion had been removed.

Do you have lung cancer?Do you want to perform surgery?Tell you the truth

Clinically, the detection rate of “pulmonary nodules” is very high. Many of them feel that they don’t smoke, and they have also found the lung nodule, or a younger child.

First, why are more and more people check the lung nodules?

Pulmonary nodules are actually a more common nodule in the human body. Among the healthy adult volunteers and lung cancer screening people, the detection rate of lung nodules is about 25%to 51%. There were 1-6 nodules found in low-dose chest CT.

Li Yunsong, deputy director of the Studio Extraction of Beijing Chest Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, said that the lung nodule is actually a nodule morphological lesion with a diameter of less than 3cm, which can be divided into benign and malignant, but more than 90%clinically have more than 90% The lung nodules are benign.

For benign lung nodules, Li Yunsong explained that this is mainly related to the old transitional lesions, and the reason may be that the patient’s traces left after healing the lung disease several years or decades ago.

In addition, the more the more patients with lung nodules are now related to the progress of medical technology. The chest CT is too high to detect the accuracy of the detection, and even the pulmonary nodules of less than 2 mm can be found.

Do you have lung cancer?Do you want to perform surgery?Tell you the truth

As one of the high incidence of lung cancer, many people have always felt panicked by finding lung nodules.

In fact, the “Chinese Ling Nodule Classification, Diagnosis and Treatment Guide” recommends that the solid nodules with less than 5mm are mainly followed by follow -up to see if they grow.

Li Yunsong explained that it is not possible to see the lung nodule for surgery. Comparing the traumatic treatment of pulmonary sobes surgery, excessive treatment should be avoided. Whether the pulmonary nodules need to be removed by surgery, it is best to listen to the doctor’s opinion. The doctor will give the most suitable solution based on the number of lung nodules, size forms, and biopsy results.

Do you have lung cancer?Do you want to perform surgery?Tell you the truth

2. Doctors remind: Most of the lung cancer is “dragged”

The currently recognized three independent risk factors of lung cancer are the history of smoking, the history of malignant tumor disease and age, especially the age of the risk of lung cancer. The data shows that 88%of patients who check the lung nodules over the age of 70 may develop Lung cancer.

Director Qiao Guibin of the Department of Chest of the People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province said that many people think that cough is just a small problem in the body. He always uses medication or keeps dragging without treatment, but he does not know that this drag is dragged out of lung cancer.

Do you have lung cancer?Do you want to perform surgery?Tell you the truth

Early lung cancer is not easy to find, but if the following 5 symptoms occur, you should still be alert to lung cancer:

Cough: Cough patients with early lung cancer can last for two to three weeks, and medication does not alleviate, especially blood in sputum should pay more attention to it.

Continuous low fever: The continuous growth of lung tumors can cause physical inflammation reactions. At the same time, lung tumor tissue can also be necrotic and infection, which leads to continuous or intermittent low fever in patients. Generally, anti -inflammatory and degraded medicines are not effective.

Chest pain: Many patients with lung cancer also feel chest pain when they cough. They are mostly related to the growth of chest tumors and compress the infringement of neural tissues and bones. Intermittent pain can be intermittent on the chest, back, shoulders.

Short chest tightness: When the lung mass is constantly compressed and blocked by the trachea, it is easy to cause shortness of breath and shortness of breath, and it is difficult to recover after rest.

Sound hoarseness: If the lung tumor is close to the throat, the nerves that violate the control vocal cords will be infringed. Patients can show hoarseness and develop seriously with the disease.


Do you have lung cancer?Do you want to perform surgery?Tell you the truth

After the age of 40, you can’t take it lightly

Earlier, age is a major risk factor for lung cancer. In October this year, the US prevention service group released the latest proposal of lung cancer screening, and proposed that lung cancer screening age should be advanced to 50 years in advance.

A number of guidelines in my country also recommend screening for screening over 50 years of age, and in the “Consensus on the Screening and Management of Chinese Experts (2019)”, people over the age of 40 are recommended to start regularly receiving low -dose chest spiral CT examinations.

Feng Xing, deputy chief physician of the Heart chest surgery of the First People’s Hospital of Hangzhou, said that there are patients with lung cancer in the family, and the probability of other people suffering from lung cancer will also increase. For the small Chen in the case, there is no obvious cause and no one in the family to smoke, which is basically a problem of genetic susceptibility, and it should also pay more attention to physical examinations.

Do you have lung cancer?Do you want to perform surgery?Tell you the truth

Although lung cancer is “fierce”, Chinese clinical medical experts are constantly committed to related research on lung cancer.

For example, not long ago, Professor Hu Guohong from the Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the team of Yao Yao, Dr. Yao Yao, Shanghai Chest Hospital, and the Team of Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital, found a regulatory mechanism for lung cancer and bone metastasis. The Guangzhou Medical University team provides theoretical evidence for targeting GFAT1 treatment of lung cancer. Director Lu Shun at the Department of Chestning of the Checker Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University believes that lung cancer always becomes a chronic disease one day. As long as it can be effectively controlled through drugs, patients with metastatic lung cancer can also survive for a long time.

In short, don’t panic if you find out the lung nodules. When you listen to the doctor’s opinion, the review should be reviewed, and the operation is surgery.

We look forward to breaking lung cancer as soon as possible.

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