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Do you have the habit of washing your butt?The anus also needs to be protected. Cleaning the anus can prevent these three diseases

“On a business trip last week, the company ordered the hotel for us. The toilet in the bathroom turned out to be intelligent. For the first time, I knew that the toilet could still wash my butt, but I felt embarrassing and disgusting, and the butt was really available. Do I need to wash? I have never been washed with my butt. “

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This is a private message I saw in the background a few days ago.

Today, many people’s homes or hotels are equipped with smart toilets. One of the functions is to rinse the ass after the toilet.

But many people may have questions. Is the butt really necessary to wash? What are the benefits of washing your buttocks?

1. In fact, washing your buttocks is more important than wash your face!

Everyone has a face wash every day, but there are not many insistence on her buttocks every day, but Ke Minhui, deputy chief physician of the Aoretseng Department of Angelica Department of the Second People’s Hospital of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminded that washing his buttocks is actually more important than wash his face.

Why is it more important to wash my buttocks?

Our perianal skin is very delicate and has more folds. When the human body is excreted, even if we use toilet paper for cleaning, there will be some feces and secretions in the folds.

Studies have shown that even if you wipe your butt with toilet paper, even if you wipe it hard several times, you will save about 0.1g of feces on the anus.

If you do not wash your butt for a long time, what will your body affect? Don’t underestimate this 0.1 feces, including millions of viruses, 100,000 bacteria, and other pathogenic bacteria.

If you do not wash your butt for a long time, the bacteria hidden in the anus folds will produce inflammatory stimulation of the skin and mucosa, which can easily induce various anal diseases, such as::

Perianal eczema: The hips are wrapped in clothing, which is not easy to breathe and humid, and the temperature is relatively high. If you don’t pay attention to hygiene, you can easily have eczema, which can spread to perineal and thigh roots.

Peridity itching: stool and secretion erosion, which can easily cause itching of perianal, which may cause perianal skin disease and perianal organic lesions.

Long hemorrhoids: If it is not cleaned near the anus, the dirt will stimulate the rectal anal canal parts. The congestion and expansion of the venous vein will be stimulated.

2. What is the problem of itching after washing the butt?

Resting the habit of washing my butt daily every day can help prevent anal diseases, but some people are itchy after washing. What is going on?

After washing my butt, it still feels itching, and it is likely to have common diseases that have already suffered from rectal and anal canal such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or perianal parasitic infections, perianal skin diseases, allergic reactions, etc. You need to go to the hospital for examination in time.

In addition, cleaning the buttocks also have “tricks”, not just rushing or washing.

1. Wash warm water

When washing the butt, using shower gel, soap, etc., it may destroy the pH value of the skin surface and interfere with the skin acid -base balance. Therefore, the best way is to rinse with flowing water, using warm water about 40 ° C. Water temperature is too hot or too cold and it is easy to stimulate the perianal.

2. The best time once a day

Under normal circumstances, cleaning the buttocks once a day is enough. The frequency of cleaning times may disrupt the normal secretion function of the anal canal, and then reduce the disease resistance of the anus.

3. Special pot for special pots

For those with no shower conditions, you can also wash it with a dedicated bathtub, but be careful not to use the same basin, do not use the same basin to wash socks, underwear or other supplies at the same time. Before you wash your butt, you need to clean the pot.

Third, itching in the anus, how to treat it fast?

If the anus itching occurs due to poor daily habits, and I am embarrassed to see a doctor, what should I do at this time?

It is not uncommon for perianal itching, especially young and middle -aged men. The cause of the perianal itching may be related to germ microbial infection, cleaning supplies, spicy diet, seafood allergies, etc., and may also be related to endocrine diseases such as prostate diseases and vaginitis.

What should I do when itching?

Control diet

Try to avoid risk food intake that may cause itching perianal, such as pepper, milk, soybeans, seafood, etc., which are likely to cause allergies, and minimize food intake of coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, citrus, and other foods.

Clean up

After the stool, you can wipe the anus in the anus with white tasteless ordinary toilet paper, but to avoid wiping hard. If necessary, you can use a wet paper towel or a cotton swab soaked in warm water. It should be reminded that women should wipe the risk of urinary infection regardless of whether they are stool or urinating, wipe their farts.

In order to avoid excessive sweating, a loose and comfortable cotton underwear should be selected in summer. Do not choose crude tight underwear. For those who are prone to sweating, it is best to replace underwear for a long time.

In addition, it is recommended to change the underwear you can change in 3-6 months. If it is obviously yellow and difficult to wash off, the fabric is getting harder and harder, you must replace the underwear in time.

Through the above methods, there is still no improvement, so we must be alert to the possibility of illness.

In addition to taking care of “face” in daily life, we must also give care to our ass, otherwise itching, it is likely to affect daily life and make people “sit down and settle”.

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