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Do you have to take medicine?You can also lower uric acid!

Gout, how much do you know about this illness of the patient? Gout is the world’s most common inflammatory arthritis. Despite the progress of treatment, the prevalence of gout has continued to increase over the past few decades. The decline in quality of life and high medical expenses are miserable for patients. It is said that toothache requires people’s life, and gout is not vegetarian!

At present, the treatment of gout is mainly concentrated in the treatment of drugs, but the effects, costs, and side effects of the treatment are all concerns of patients. Are there any other ways to treat gout?

Diet is the key to controlling uric acid!

Everyone knows that preventing hyperuricemia (HU) is the key to preventing gout. Therefore, it is important to understand the cause and effect and relative contribution of various risk factors and HU. Earlier studies have found that genetic mutations have significant causal effects. However, the relative importance and causal relationship of other exposure have not been resolved. Professor Ruth Toples uses attribution scores to be more genetically generated, diet, uric acid treatment (ULT) and other relative contributions to HU. And Monteer randomly evaluates whether the diet has a causal effect in terms of determining the level of serum uric acid [1].

This study is included in four sample sets, three from the general population (n = 419060), and one from gout patients (n = 6781). All subjects measured serum uric acid levels and diet, clinical and whole genome genotype information information Essence Dietary exposure diet, SLC2A9RS12498742 risk mutation, physical quality index (BMI), alcohol, diuretic therapy, gender and age, and calculate the HU group attribution scores (PAF) concentration scores (AAF). Only in the gout patients exposed uric acid treatment. Two Memoder random samples were used to use the British Biobank queue to test the causal effects in determining the level of serum uric acid in the test habits.

The results of the study showed:

1. In the three non-gout patients, do not insist on dietary advice, BMI ≥ 25kg/m2, and the existence of SLC2A9RS12498742 uric acid salt rising genes to generate 20%-24%, 59%-69%, 57%-64 -64 %PAF, AAF 6%-7%, 24%-26%, and 22%-24%, respectively. In the gout patient queue, the attribution scores of dietary, BMI, SLC2A9RS12498742 and HUs for hypersequin reduction are 12%, 47%, 47%, and 62%, respectively, and AAFs are 3%, 14%, 14%, and 33%respectively Essence

2. Mendel randomly shows two dairy habits related to dairy products (artificial butter and dried fruits) to serum uric acid levels (such as preferential drinking dehydrated milk will increase uric acid), but this is mediated by BMI. Lost significant (P≥0.06) in the factor model.

The study found that the treatment of uric acid drugs is the main attribution score of serum uric acid levels. The diet has a certain effect in the level of uric acid and HU. What is the further role?

The 2020 Society of Rheumatology (ACR) reported a study [2], which divided the gout patients into two groups of diet consulting and no diet consultation. The results found that the patients who received the dietary consultation group did not have the frequency of gout in the diet consulting group. , Decreased uric acid, increased creatinine clearance, HA1C and low -density lipoprotein (LDL).

The two studies above show that diet has a certain effect on hyperuricemia. Patients with gout who receive a healthy diet can better control the UA and reduce the future emergency consultation rate. After understanding these studies, do you still feel that gout can only be treated by drugs? This is a great gospel of gout patients through economical and practical healthy diet! But generally, beer, seafood, animal offal and meat have to be controlled, how painful understanding it is! So what should patients eat gout patients?

It’s better to eat well

1 meat and seafood food

In the strict sense, gout patients cannot eat meat and seafood, but meat is very important for the normal metabolism of the human body, and it can also enhance human body resistance. Therefore, gout patients should supplement a small amount of meat with low purine content such as ham, lamb, and smoked meat …

2 Vegetables and fungi

Vegetables are based on asparagus, vegetable beans, radish, cabbage, cabbage, baby vegetables, carrots, celery, cucumber, eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, pumpkin, zucchini, tomato, potato, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tofu, bacteria, bacteria It is advisable to use a variety of mushrooms and fungal plants (less fresh mushrooms are relatively less purine, and it is advisable to choose less oil).

3 fruit

A survey of epidemiological diseases found that the incidence of gout in developed countries represented by the United States has increased significantly in the past few decades, which is widely used in industrialized fructose, and excessive intake of fructose is significantly related. A large number of studies have shown that fructose has the effect of potentially induced the level of uric acid in the human body. Is the last happiness of gout patients gone? Of course not! You can choose some fruits with less fructose, such as cherries, strawberries, peaches, etc.

4 drink

Patients with gout should appropriately increase the amount of water drinking, thereby increasing urine volume and promoting the normal discharge of uric acid.Some studies have also found that coffee (237ml/d) can also reduce uric acid, which may eventually reduce the production of uric acid by caffeine in suppressing mandine oxidase.There are also gout patients who can drink more low -fat milk.Summarize

There are so many above, everyone should know how important diet is for gout!The weather is getting colder and colder, and you must eat a lot of delicious nourishment. The gout patients should pay special attention. Although the food is good, don’t be greedy!

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