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Do you know about pediatric pneumonia?

With the opening of the second child policy, you can obviously feel that the children around them have become more and more. Many parents hold their children in their palms, fearing that they are tired and afraid of them.

As a common disease of children’s pneumonia, parents do not know much about it. Many parents have a lot of misunderstandings about children’s pneumonia. Today, let’s learn more about the common sense of pediatric pneumonia.

The misunderstanding of a child is not fever, it must not have pneumonia

Fever is one of the main symptoms of pediatric pneumonia, but this means that there is no symptoms of fever, children do not have pediatric pneumonia. Children suffer from pneumonia that may be high in physical temperature, but may not be fever, and may even be lower than normal.

The younger the younger children, the more obvious the clinical manifestations of pneumonia. For example, children under 3 months of pneumonia often do not have fever. Children may show vomiting, milk, foaming, breath, etc.

Parents cannot judge whether children have children’s pneumonia for children, and they need to make rational judgments in a comprehensive situation.

Misunderstanding the second treatment of pediatric pneumonia must be used with antibiotics

Specific analysis. Although most of the pneumonia is caused by bacteria and can be treated with antibiotics, antibiotics cannot be treated with pneumonia caused by virus, chlamydia, mycoplasma, fungi, and even allergies.

Don’t use medicine blindly, the cause of pneumonia is the key to the use of drugs. No all pneumonia needs to be treated with antibiotics.

I misunderstood the three children’s condition slightly, and immediately stop the medicine

Don’t rush to stop the medicine. Many parents are concerned about the side effects of drugs when treating pneumonia, and they want to stop the medicine when they see that their children have improved. After stopping the drug, pneumonia often leads to recurrence and needs to be restarted.

This not only increases the child’s pain, but also extends the treatment time, which can easily cause bacterial resistance and cause difficulties in the next treatment.

Misunderstanding the four children pneumonia did not improve, and immediately change the medicine

Parents need to know that not every treatment of drugs can be immediately shared, and many drugs take a certain time. Frequent changes to children are not conducive to the treatment of pediatric pneumonia. Treatment of pediatric pneumonia still has to follow the doctor’s advice.

Misunderstanding Five Pediatric Pneumonia Treatment Infusion Epither than taking medicine is better than taking medicine

In fact, as long as you choose the right medicine for pneumonia for pneumonia, you can achieve the expected therapeutic effect. Don’t blindly believe that infusion injections are better than taking medicine. Patients with pneumonia are mild, and they can take the drug according to the situation. For patients with pneumonia with severe condition, it is difficult to take drugs, and infusion or injections can be considered.

Seeing this, parents should know a lot of common sense about pediatric pneumonia. Remember to avoid the misunderstanding of pediatric pneumonia above and do not let the children suffer.

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