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Do you know the AIDS “regret”?After high -risk behavior, take or save you in time

The harmfulness of AIDS itself, exaggerated infectious, illness discrimination, and imperfect related laws and regulations are all reasons for everyone to fear AIDS.

But before being knocked down by fear, we can do a lot of things to avoid the ending of injury or death.

1. Before sexual life, it can reduce the infection rate of more than 80%.

2. Those who are not infected should take pre -exposure of HIV and take antiviral drugs with an effectiveness of 86%.

3. The exposed high -risk groups can reduce the risk of HIV infection by cleaning up the infection place + blocking medicine + regular testing.

① Clean up infection

When there is a wound, squeeze the blood of the damaged at the damage, and then wash it with soap liquid and flowing water.

75%alcohol or 0.5%iodine can play a role in disinfection.

② Take blocking medicine

After high -risk behavior, the effect of taking medicine within 2H, but taking within 72H can still reduce the infection rate by 80%.

③ Regularly detect HIV antibodies

After HIV exposure occurs, HIV antibodies should be detected in the fourth week, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 24 weeks.

Anti -Ai is not afraid of Ai, ignorance encounters fear, and science will eventually defeat fear.

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