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Do you know the answer about the two questions about tinea?

Speaking of ringworm, I believe many people are not particularly clear. Generally speaking, tineae are common in children, especially adolescent children. Some studies have found that the prevalence of boys is higher than girls, and adults are rarely infected. Since everyone is so unfamiliar with athletes, we will learn about the two problems about tineae and learn some knowledge about tinea.

What is tinea?

Tinea is a disease caused by the hair and hair of the dermatophyte. It belongs to a very common disease and has a certain infectiousness. Based on different judgments, ringworm can be divided into different types.

According to the type of pathogenic bacteria and the host response, it can be divided into white ringworm, black tinea, tinea and psoriasis. Depending on whether the clinical manifestations have inflammation, it can be divided into non -inflammatory headworm and inflammatory headwagenne. According to the different ways of infringement of pathogenic bacteria, it can be divided into hair infection and internal infection. Depending on the pathogenic bacteria, it can be divided into small spores and athletes and athletes.

After a brief understanding, we will continue to understand why too much dandruff may be tinea.

What are the symptoms of tinea?

Clinically, the symptoms of tinea are very diverse. Different types of athletes have different clinical characteristics.


The patient’s head skin lesions are gray -white scales, which are round or oval, and satellite lesions may occur. Most patients have no conscious symptoms and occasionally mild itching.


The area of ​​the patient’s scalp is smaller than the white ringworm, but the number is more. Generally speaking, there is no inflammation reaction, the disease is the scalp, which is a small black dot, no conscious symptoms or slight itching.


At first, pustules or blisters appeared in the mouth of the patient’s hair follicles, forming dish -sulfur sulfur scabs, without obvious conscious symptoms or mild itching.

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The patient’s scalp appears one to several round dark red, infiltrated or bulging inflammatory lumps, and the surface cluster of hair follicles is small pustules. Squeezing can exclude a small amount of pus.

If the above symptoms occur, it is recommended to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

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