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Do you know the challenges that novice mothers return to the workplace?

In ancient times, in addition to the male lead, the female lead, with the progress of society, she also had more and more roles. In addition to taking care of the family’s affairs, you have to take care of the busy work. This is a lot of mothers in the workplace. While taking into account the family and work, they often ignore their health and cause themselves to cause themselves to many body. Hidden dangers.

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Mothers in the workplace often encounter these problems

In order to do every role, the mother of the workplace has doubled the efforts of ordinary people, which is easy to cause the body burden.

Immunity and resistance will be reduced

In the fierce workplace competition, women’s mental stress is getting greater and greater. This will continue to bring hidden health hazards to the mothers of the workplace. The psychological pressure of tension and anxiety will give a certain burden on the nervous system, and it will also cause the endocrine and immune system to Bring adverse effects.

Sleep quality decreases, easy to fatigue

The mother of the workplace is not only dealing with the work of the workplace, but also problems in the family, such as children’s homework, physical illness and other problems. They often go to bed late and get up late. There is no regular schedule. The quality of sleep will decrease. It is easy to fatigue, the face will be dim, and the skin is worse.

There is a problem with digestive function

Irregular meals and lack of exercise will cause stomach problems. Many mothers in the workplace will have stomach pain and constipation.

You can start with diet to improve conditioning health

In the workplace mothers, we must correctly recognize that a healthy diet is a major premise to ensure physical health. Pay attention to the nutrients that must be ingested in daily diet::

High -quality protein

身体在对抗入侵细菌病毒的过程中,抗体是会起到很重要的作用,缺乏蛋白质是会影响到抗体的合成,妈妈们就需要优质的蛋白质,在日常生活中,牛奶、鸡蛋、鱼虾、 Soy products can get high -quality protein foods well.

Vitamins and minerals

Red meat is rich in trace element iron for the human body, such as beef, pork, pigeons, lamb, and animal liver swelling. Broccoli, green peppers, citrus and other fruits rich in vitamin C are very helpful for collagen synthesis.


For the balance of the intestinal flora, we need to supplement enough cellulose, especially soluble fibers, which can alleviate intestinal problems such as constipation.


A variety of antioxidants, such as carotene, anthocyanins, lycopene, etc., mothers in the workplace can be eaten in daily diet. Among them, orange vegetables and green leafy vegetables are particularly rich in antioxidant substances.

In addition to diet, you can also start from reducing pressure

In addition to the conditioning of diet, the physical and mental pressure of the mothers in the workplace can also be relieved by the following methods:

Maintain contact and communication with family and friends

The mother of the workplace must communicate more. Do not face it alone when you feel nervous and anxious. When you need help, talk to your family more troubles and face it.

Treat stress in a positive attitude

Stress is constantly accumulating. Mothers of the workplace cannot be resolved until they are crushed. They must face the pressure in the initiative, strong, and optimistic attitude, and to overcome the negative mentality.

Develop a healthy exercise plan

It does not require too much intensity to formulate your own sports plan. For example, the parking of the park is slow, half an hour of rope skipping, swimming, etc. in the workplace. pressure.

Control emotion

In the case of family and workplace, there are often uneven distribution of energy or overdrafts, and emotions are easy to get out of control. The company is a place to produce benefits. Do not bring too many personal emotions. Mothers in the workplace must recognize their position in the workplace, have professional spirit, control their emotions, and avoid the results of physical and mental fatigue.

Each mother wants to give her children the best. She always says that “the mother is just a rigid”, letting women fade away, transform into a steel female strong woman, and work and work at get off work is a battlefield. In the work and family, the mothers of the workplace need to find a balance in work and family. It requires multiple help and support. I hope that the special identity of the mother in the workplace can get more support and understanding in society.

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