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Do you know the educational use of baby toys?

Babies’ education mainly starts with the senses. The choice of baby toys is also a kind of education. Do you know the mysteries of these toys? Now there are many types of toy markets, and the baby’s toys are also increasingly updated. As long as you understand the baby’s early stage, the baby’s early stage The core of education can grasp the educational use of toys. Leave a few tricks for you, let’s try it.

Toys that can distinguish the sound

Collect different things, they will make various sounds. You can choose a can of rice, a whistle, an alarm clock, etc. Shaking with the baby, listening to their voice, showing that these sounds are different from the baby.

Toys that can smell incense

There are many different aromas in the home, such as soap, fragrance, mint toothpaste and cream. Pick a little on your hand, put it on the tip of your baby, let him smell it, tell him, this is soap, we need to use it to take a bath, do the baby like this fragrance?

Toys that can feel tactile

This game has a name: “Outdoor Mood”. Take the baby outdoors and let him sit on the grass with a blanket. Let the baby touch the grass and tell him “what is humid and dry, smooth and thorough.” Take him to the sand pile, go to the park, use the same way to let him feel different things -hot, cold, rough, smooth, hard, soft, etc.

Toys that can see the picture of the picture

This toy is referred to as “book”. Choose the right picture book, you can also cut some photos and pictures of animals and items from the old pictorial to know them with your baby. He told the baby while pointing at the animal, what kind of animal this is, learning the voice and appearance of the animal. See the photo of the baby sheep and tell him that this is the head of the lamb, with soft wool on his body, and the sound of the sound is very nice. You can also look at the pictures of the car in the same way.

special reminder:

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As the baby grows up, it is necessary to eliminate some toys that are not suitable for the baby to play and can’t afford his interest.

Choose toys to ensure the safety of the baby. Pay attention to the size of the toy. Too small toys are not safe to the baby and cannot let the baby play.

(Intern editor: Liu Yinying)


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