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Do you know these misunderstandings about chickenpox?

Speaking of chickenpox, it is estimated that everyone will not be unfamiliar. When you were a kid, you basically had chickenpox vaccine, and he often had chickenpox on the textbook. Although everyone is familiar with chickenpox, many of the understanding of chickenpox is not correct. Many of the knowledge about chickenpox on the Internet are incorrect. Today, I will give you a science popularization knowledge.

Misunderstanding 1: Chickenpox is a minor disease

The most terrible part of chickenpox is that it is extremely contagious. Not paying attention to prevention and control can easily lead to large -scale illness, and it is easy to affect people’s life, study, and work. Another feature of chickenpox is itching, and itching can’t wait to scratch the blisters. It’s the most uncomfortable to want to scratch!

Chickenpox can lead to long blisters in the skin, and may also affect the lungs, liver, and kidneys. If chickenpox patients have basic diseases such as chronic diseases, the condition can seriously cause chickenpox encephalitis, and may even endanger life.

In summary, patients with chickenpox should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Misunderstanding 2: When a chickenpox is rash, it will be contagious

Early chickenpox has been contagious, and the early symptoms are mostly symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection such as fever, headache, sore throat, sneezing, etc. During the skin and mucosa during the chickenpox rash, one or part of the blister scabs do not represent the end of the isolation period.

Patients with chickenpox need to wait until all the rashes are scabbing and not less than 14 days of the onset can be counted as the end of the isolation period.

Misunderstanding 3: Everyone is a good thing to have a chickenpox vaccine

At this stage, it is impossible to guarantee that it will not cause disease at any second. Chickenpox vaccine has a certain protection period and protection rate. Generally speaking, the prevention effect of more than 5 years will slowly decrease.

The World Health Organization has suggested that children are best to vaccinate two chickenpox vaccines to increase the protection effect to 95%-99%.

Misunderstanding 4: Chickenplant cannot take a bath

Speaking of chickenpox on the Internet cannot take a bath. In fact, this view is not completely correct. Chickenpox patients also need to maintain personal hygiene during the illness.

It is necessary to take a bath every day. It can clean the body and keep the skin clean and dry. There is a precautions. Be careful not to break the chickenpox when taking a bath, otherwise it may cause infection.

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Misunderstanding 5: After a chickenpox, you will not have chickenpox

It is not scientific to say that the life safety of chickenpox life is. After the individual chickenpox occurs, the body is generally immune for life, and the possibility of adults infected with chickenpox again is very small.

However, under the decline in immunity such as individual malnutrition, leukemia, malignant tumors, and long -term use of immunosuppressive agents, the possibility of secondary infection is not ruled out.

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