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Do you know these pre -pregnancy preparation matters?

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The concept of eugenics and eugenics is gradually getting deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. More parents are worried that their children will lose on the starting line, so various preparations will be prepared before pregnancy. I hope that it can provide a favorable environment for the baby from the beginning of conception. Preparation before pregnancy is indeed important for couples during pregnancy. What are the matters before pregnancy? Let’s summarize it together to see if you are ready.

Preparation before pregnancy

Adjust your body is a preparations that must be done before pregnancy. Both husbands and wives need to condition their bodies within six months of pregnancy, and try to be as early as early pregnancy. Do not contact radiation or virus infections before pregnancy, stay away from toxic items and chemicals, and pay attention to control your weight. Women who have performed artificial abortion surgery must adjust their bodies and plan for children six months later.

Folic acid can prevent fetal nerve tube deformities, and it has certain effects on abortion, anemia of pregnant women, and delayed fetal development. Therefore, preparations before pregnancy are appropriately supplemented with folic acid 3 months before pregnancy. Our daily meals can only provide the body with about 0.05 mg of folic acid, but in fact, pregnant women need to supplement 0.4 mg daily, so the lack of folic acid can only be supplemented by folic acid tablets. Moreover, the time to supplement folic acid is relatively long. Persist in 3 months of pregnancy.

Preparations before pregnancy also have a good physical examination. The planned couple must have a pre -pregnancy examination. Learn about the physical condition of both parties. It is not suitable to have fertility when suffering from genetic diseases, AIDS or leprosy. Preparations before pregnancy also have timely supplement vitamins and trace elements. It is recommended that women can take composite vitamins, one a day.

Iodine should be supplemented during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the demand for iodine will increase significantly during pregnancy. Therefore, you can eat more iodized salt, kelp and sea crickets, sea shrimp and oysters before pregnancy, or yellow flowers, seaweed, shrimp skin and laver, and a series of soy products also help iodine absorption. After reading the above content, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of pre -pregnancy preparations. As long as you have a good mentality, a healthy body and sufficient preparation, you can soon have a healthy baby.

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