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Do you often cramp legs when you sleep? Is it calcium deficiency?It may be the reason, don’t ignore it easily

Uncle Li was in his early 80s this year. One day, the upstairs bending accidentally twisted his left leg, thinking that it would be better after a few days. I didn’t expect to see it in a few days. Instead, it became more and more painful.Even walking is affected.



The family hurriedly took him to the hospital. The examination found that it was caused by a bone metastasis of cancer.Due to the late discovery, the doctor suggested conservative treatment.

Xiaojiu reminds everyone that some seemingly ordinary leg discomfort, it is likely to be a signal of certain diseases or cancers.

1. Sleeping in the middle of the night is always leg cramps, is it calcium deficiency?

There are leg cramps when sleeping, which is very troublesome for many people. Sometimes they do n’t sleep well all night. Many people ’s first impression is calcium deficiency.

Leg cramps may be related to calcium deficiency. Calcium ions play an important role in the process of muscle contraction. If the calcium ion concentration in the blood is too low, it will also cause muscle to excite spasm.

However, there are many factors that cause cramps, such as cold stimulation, excessive exercise strength, local compression, vascular atherosclerosis, weak fatigue, etc., which may stimulate muscle spasm and cause cramps.

Therefore, if the influence of physiology and external factors is excluded, medical examination should be checked as soon as possible to exclude the possibility of disease.

Second, the body has cancer legs?Four strains don’t ignore

The legs are not only part of the weight of the human body, but also can reflect the health of the body. The abnormal symptoms of the legs may be an early warning signal from certain cancers.

1. Swell leg

The legs of the legs are likely to be caused by tumor compression. Primary tumors or tumors that cause metastlasia. Once they are compressed to the main vein or cause lymph node dysfunction, it may affect venous return or lymphatic return, resulting in increased intravenous pressure increases, Caused leg swelling.

2. Throst appears in the leg

According to statistics, 5%of the lower limbs are deeply combined with cancer. Therefore, once deep vein thrombosis of the lower limb is diagnosed, it is necessary to rule out whether some tumors are suffered.Especially for the elderly, there are deep vein thrombosis in the lower limbs.

3. Lumps appear

Normal legs should be smooth. If a lump appears in the leg, it is generally benign lipoma, but if the texture of the lump is harder, the growth rate is fast or accompanied by pain, etc., be alert to lung cancer, prostate cancer, prostate cancerWait for a malignant tumor to cause leg metastasis.

4. Change of skin color changes

The color of the leg skin changes abnormally, which may be caused by metabolic abnormalities caused by cancer cell invasion.Malignant tumors such as melanoma and skin squamous carcinoma may cause abnormal skin color changes.

Third, the maintenance of both legs has a trick, it is critical to do 3 points well

The legs are the second heart of the human body, the load -bearing wall of the human body, and also an important traffic road for the human body, or the human disease reflection area. Therefore, we must protect the legs. How can we maintain your legs in your daily life?

1. Enhance the strength of the leg

The squat posture can stimulate the lower limb muscles and improve the stability of the hip. It is a comprehensive leg strength training method.

2. Do less hurtful legs

Avoid sitting for a long time, blind stovepipes, legs, and high heels.

3. Do a good job of cold protection and warmth

Coldness in the leg may induce osteoarthritis, causing blood circulation to be affected, causing the warmth of legs to keep the legs.

Leg cramps may be caused by calcium deficiency, or it may be related to factors such as cold, excessive exercise intensity, and local oppression.Some changes to the legs are alert to the signal of cancer. You must usually sit on your legs for maintenance.

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