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Do you often drink porridge, can you lower blood sugar or lift blood sugar?Tell you the correct approach

Uncle Chen usually likes to drink porridge, but since he found that he had diabetes some time ago, he rarely drank porridge, because his wife always did not let him drink porridge, thinking that drinking porridge was faster than eating rice to increase blood sugar.

But Uncle Chen didn’t think so. Doesn’t he think porridge and rice are cooked by rice? Just drink less? However, my wife insisted that she could not drink porridge, and said that other diabetic patients in the community said so.

Is porridge really so terrible for patients with diabetes?


If you have diabetes, you can’t drink porridge anymore?

First of all, we must first understand the blood sugar reaction of food. In nutrition, the impact of food on blood sugar is called the blood glucose index. The blood glucose reactions of food are mainly related to 5 factors:

Food composition

The ingredients in food can also affect the rise of blood sugar. If the food is not only rich in protein, but also rich in dietary fiber, it will slow down the rising rate of blood sugar.

For example, the content of dietary fiber and protein in rice is relatively small, so the increase in blood sugar will increase the speed of blood sugar. Because brown rice, black rice, etc. are rich in dietary fiber, it will slow down the increase in blood sugar.

The existence of anti -digestive factors in food

When we eat soy foods, the digestive speed is slower than rice. This is because bean foods are rich in dietary fiber, tannin, acid, and ispanase inhibitor.

The existence of carbohydrates in food

The effects of different types of foods have different effects on blood sugar. They can use the blood glucose index to measure the effects of different foods on blood sugar, and the blood glucose index is also affected by various factors, such as the form of carbohydrates in food.

Taking red beans as an example, red beans are very dense seeds, and it is difficult to break down. It contains high straight starch, so the human body has a slow digestion of red bean porridge.

The content of carbohydrates can be digested in food

In the same size, the amount of starch contained in rice is far beyond porridge, so the blood glucose response is higher after consumption. Studies have found that the blood sugar reaction brought by porridge is actually lower than rice. The blood sugar index of white rice is 83, while rice porridge is 69.

Physical traits of food

The softer the texture of starch foods, the smaller the particles, the easier it is to be digested and absorbed by the human body, and the increase in blood sugar will also accelerate.

So, can patients with diabetes drink porridge? According to Wei Yan, the attending physician of the Nutrition Department of Dongfang Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the impact of different foods on blood glucose is different, but because everyone has different ability to digest and absorb food, the degree of blood sugar rising after eating the same food is also different.

Therefore, the blood sugar response of a food must also refer to the patient’s own digestion and absorption. From the perspective of nutrition, diabetic patients can drink porridge, but pay attention to proper eating methods.

Keep in mind these 6 points, sugar friends can rest assured to drink porridge

Put your belly before drinking porridge

Diabetes patients should not drink porridge on an empty stomach. Remember to take some solid foods before drinking porridge to pad the stomach, such as miscellaneous grain buns, vegetables, etc. are a good choice. The speed of rising blood sugar.

Don’t cook for too long, too bad

When cooking porridge, grasp the heat, and do not cook the porridge too badly. Under the premise of cooking the ingredients, try not to destroy the integrity of the ingredients. In other words, the time to cook porridge should not be too long, so that the cooked porridge looks like clear soup, and the following is the ingredients.

Porridge with beans and miscellaneous grains

In diet, if different foods are eaten, it can also have the role of adjusting blood sugar. It is best to add some beans and miscellaneous grains for patients with diabetes, mainly beans and coarse grains, and then add appropriate rice to cook porridge. For example, wheat, oats, barley, millet, brown rice, mung beans, black beans, lentils, kidney beans, etc. are suitable for porridge.

Because the ingredients of beans and miscellaneous grain porridge are large and the integrity is good, the stomach takes more time to digest and absorb, the speed of glucose entering the blood will slow down, and the increase in blood sugar after meals will also slow down.

Drink porridge for lunch or dinner

Patients with diabetes should not drink porridge in the morning, because the human body is more likely to digest and absorb porridge foods. Drinking porridge in the morning can easily cause blood sugar to fluctuate.

In addition, some studies have found that the human blood glucose of the human body is usually high at 2 am to 12 noon, and it is relatively stable at noon and afternoon. Therefore, it is recommended to drink porridge at noon or dinner at noon or dinner.

Drink slowly when drinking porridge

Porridge is a liquid food. It almost does not need to be swallowed by chewing, so it is easy to speed up the porridge, which will also speed up the speed of digestion and absorption, which will cause the blood sugar to increase at a high speed after meals. If you can extend the time of drinking porridge, you can also reduce the rate of blood sugar. Therefore, it is best to drink porridge and drink slowly.

Don’t drink too much porridge at a time

Eating the amount is also an important factor affecting the blood sugar reaction of food. For example, it is cooked with rice and white porridge with the same amount of rice. The volume of porridge is larger than the volume of rice. The effect of rice on blood sugar is smaller than white porridge.

Although the effect of white porridge on blood sugar is larger than rice, if the total amount of food is not much, it will not have a greater impact on blood sugar.

Therefore, patients with diabetes can actually drink porridge, but pay attention to learning to drink porridge correctly, which can not only supplement nutrition, but also does not affect blood sugar stability.Reference materials:

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