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Do you think electronic cigarettes are not cigarettes?Its harm is ignored!Don’t be “routine” by the merchant anymore

There is such a group of people in smokers. They do not want to quit smoking, but “dare not quit smoking” –

Lao Deng, 65 years old, 45 years old

I heard that quit smoking is not good for your health, especially our age.There is a 4 -year -old in my village. After decades of smoke, I always caught a cold. The doctor asked him to quit smoking.He did not quit, his family forced him to abstinence, but he left in a few years.He used to catch a cold, and he did not quit with tobacco and alcohol. It would be fine in a few days.

Lao Xu, 48 years old, 30 years old

I do n’t know why, I have tried to quit smoking for four months before, weighing 10 kg, and blood pressure has risen a lot. Listening to friends said that forcibly quitting smoking is not good for my body, I interrupted it.

Lao Ke, 52 years old, 38 years old, 38 years old

A neighbor suddenly quit smoking and alcohol in the past few years. I also said to him: After decades of habits, I did not quit. My relatives had died of illness shortly after quitting smoking.He seemed to be a joke. After a year, he suddenly bleed his brain and stem. He lay down for two years after the rescue, and the last life returned to the West, so I never dared to quit smoking!

Everyone understands the principle of “smoking is harmful to health”, but there are very few people who can really quit smoking.The story of the online cigarette quitting of the Internet makes many people dare not take the first step.

First, after quitting smoking, he is sick?It is a quit reaction

It is difficult to quit smoking, not only because of habits that are difficult to change, but more importantly, the brain is addicted to nicotine. This is also the quitting of smokers will have a quit reaction for 1-2 months.Anti -ring reaction refers to a syndrome that is overly dependent on nicotine and tar and causing neuroterassic internal secretion.

When an abstinence reaction, temporary disorders will occur in the digestive system, showing bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, pantothenic acid, etc., and may even cause constipation and diarrhea alternation.In addition to the digestive system, the circular system also shows symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, and palpitations.

Because nicotine can affect the brain and nerves, anxiety, nervousness, and lack of sleep during abstinence can also occur.

The quit reaction usually starts from 48 hours of quitting, but it may be affected by the age, individual differences, and living environment. Everyone has different time of abstinence reactions. Some people may start to quit smoking 1 ~It appeared in 2 months.

The severity, cycle, and time of abstinence reaction have no gold standards, which is related to the physical, emotion, smoke addiction, and psychological tolerance of individuals. Generally, it will be relieved after 30 days of quitting, and it will be relieved by 60 days.The sky will feel very easy.

2. There is no need to quit old smokers?Nonsense

When it comes to the harm of smoking, many people will think of the lungs.However, some data show that in addition to the risk of stroke, myocardial disease, aortic tumor, and slow pulmonary disease, smoking will greatly increase.

We do not deny that some old smokers do have a serious abstinence response, so they will think that I have smoked for so many years. If there is a problem with the body, they have been infringed by toxic substances, and they will not quit smoking.What else does it say?

However, a recent recent discovery of British scientists: As long as the smoking quit smoking is timely, the lungs may “miraculously” to repair those cells that cause cancer due to smoking.

Through experiments, they found that before suffering from lung cancer, a large number of cells had mutations in the lungs of the smokers, but a small number of cells were not harmed.Researchers said that without damaged cells are hidden in nuclear bunkers. Once smokers quit smoking, these cells begin to grow and reproduce and replace those damaged cells.

Dr. Peter Campbell of the British Institute of Britain said that even more amazing is that even if they have 40 years of age, some of their cells can still regenerate after quitting, and they have not damaged.Therefore, for smokers, cell damage is not permanent. It also has the opportunity to recover. It is not too late when to quit smoking.

Of course, for people with higher smoke age, it also means that there may be a more intense quit reaction.To this end, some merchants launched the banner of electronic cigarettes and cigarette substitutes, saying that “no need to bear the pain of quitting smoking, and it can also avoid the damage caused by traditional cigarettes.” Is this true?

Third, rumor: Is the electronic smoke quitting the artifact?

Is the electronic cigarette really a healthy alternative to cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes transform the smoke of cigarettes into steam through the atomization method. At first glance, it seems that it is really harmful.But even in high -tech products, it is smoke, proves that it still contains nicotine, proportol or glycerin, spices and other metal ingredients.

At present, existing animal experiments have proved that electronic cigarettes will not only cause lung cancer and bladder cancer, but also cause diseases such as epilepsy, asthma, allergies.Therefore, the use of electronic cigarettes to quit traditional cigarettes is not reliable, and it will also cause damage to the body.Therefore, the benefits of electronic cigarettes are basically a marketing routine of merchants, which makes people consume.

Smoking is actually a nicotine dependence on the disease. To some extent, quitting smoking is equal to treatment, and the repetition rate of “dry abstinence” alone is very high.Some experts said that the success rate of quit smoking for personal perseverance is less than 5%. To quit smoking thoroughly, old smokers should quit smoking scientifically and effectively under the guidance of doctors who quit smoking clinic.

The general outpatient clinic uses a small -dose, good safety nicotine preparation to replace nicotine in tobacco and reduce the ring reactions generated by nicotine.Of course, in addition to using smoking quitting tools, in daily activities, try to avoid smoking venues as much as possible to avoid the temptation of smoking.If you want to smoke when you are nervous or boring, you can try to replace gum, fruits, fruit juice and mineral water to suppress the urge to smoke.When the smoking cessation starts is not too late, the method is always more difficult than the difficulty. Don’t think that you have the idea of quitting smoking in a few words.For the health of yourself and his family, it is wonderful to quit smoking as soon as possible.

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