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Do you want to remove cervical polyps?

Cervical polyps need to be removed.

Cervical polyps are caused by long -term cervicitis stimulation, causing the cervical glands and interstitial hyperplasia, thereby forming cervical polyps.It usually occurs in the form of multiple or single cases, which mainly includes symptoms such as increased secretion, blood leucorrhea, contact bleeding, and postmenopausal bleeding. There may also be no obvious symptoms.It is recommended that patients also need to be removed as soon as possible after discovery to avoid cancer. Some female patients do not pay attention to abnormal vaginal bleeding, which may be caused by the rupture of cervical polyps blood vessels.Patients are advised to go to the hospital in time to find out the cause and treat symptoms.Commonly used drugs are Azithromycin, clinithromycin, etc.The above drugs need to be performed under the guidance of doctors.

Guarantee local hygiene, clean the perineum in time to ensure the clean and dry of the genitals.

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