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Doctor: If there are 3 symptoms on your feet, it means that the diabetic foot may come!Be careful

Five years ago, Li Grano was found to have three highs during the physical examination. Although the doctor has repeatedly reminded her to pay attention, Li Apao believes that “people will have a little problem when they are old, and it’s not a big deal.” Therefore, she is still her own, and she has not taken three high drugs such as pressure -lowering drugs.

Recently, with the arrival of winter, Granny Li found that his two feet were swollen, and from time to time, he was numb and pain. Granny Li thought it was caused by the decrease in temperature and insufficient warmth, which caused frostbite with feet.

Unexpectedly, after two or three days, Li’s feet did not improve, and they were so swollen that they could not walk as the elephant legs. As a result, the family immediately sent Li Grandma to the local hospital. After the examination, the doctor told Grandma Li and his family that Li Grando was blocked by the lower limb arteries caused by the “three highs”. Fortunately, the doctor should be treated in a timely manner, and then drag down, it may be amputated!

Apu Li took a breath, and it turned out that her ignorance and waywardness almost harmed herself.

However, there is one thing that Li, Li, don’t understand, obviously he is the “three highs”. Why is the symptoms the most obvious on his feet?

What is your physical condition, your feet will be told for you!

As the saying goes: “The roots of the tree are exhausted first, and the old feet are declining first.” The feet are called the “second heart” of the human body. Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that the life span of the toe is long and large, the feet are large, the toes are thin and short, and the narrow and thin people’s life span. Therefore, from the state of the foot, you can know the physical condition of a person.

At first glance, the toenails of a healthy person are white half -moon -shaped with pink colors. If the toenails have horizontal lines and the colors are black and gray, then there may be methylitis or infected by the virus.

Second, look at the color of the feet, and the color of the feet of a healthy person is rosy. If there is abnormal yellow in the soles of the feet, there may be liver and gallbladder disease; the soles of the foot are white, which may be anemia.

Looking at the toe belly, the healthy toe belly should be rosy and full. Too red or white indicates that the blood circulation of the feet is not good.

In addition, some common symptoms appearing on the feet are also signals from physical health. For example, cramps may be calcium deficiency, excessive exhaustion, improper posture, vascular disease, etc.; Swelling may be caused by standing for too long or sitting for too long, or it may be caused by problems with the heart, liver, kidney and other organs. It may also be gout and rheumatism; anesthesia, may be cervical, lumbar spine diseases, or diabetes.

These symptoms appear in the feet, which is the manifestation of diabetes!

For the situation of Li Grandma, by observing the state of the feet, you can speculate that the diabetic feet caused by the “three highs” need to be seen in time, otherwise the most serious consequences may face amputation. So, what symptoms are the hints of diabetes?

· Foot skin color changes

The feet of a healthy person are rosy and shiny. Diabetes patients will have vascular dilation due to poor blood circulation, which will cause blood flow to become slow. The color of the blood through the skin, the feet will show purple -red color Essence

Worked by walking

Patients with diabetes are laboriously manifested in calf pain, which occurs intermittent clamor. In the early stages of diabetes, due to insufficient blood supply to the lower limbs, the phenomenon of swelling will occur on the feet. As the condition worsens, it will exacerbate the pain of the feet, so that it is difficult to walk, and even limped.

· Foot skin ulcers

Due to the combined neuropathy and various degrees of peripheral vascular lesions, the feet of patients with diabetes will have local tissue ulcers. Hang, necrosis occur, leading to amputation.

Family Tips: How to protect your feet in winter?

Foot care is often where we ignore. As the winter comes, the weather becomes dry, and the feet will crack to varying degrees. Especially low for patients with diabetes, foot care is more important. So, what are the little tricks in winter?

Wash your feet with warm water every day. It is very important to keep the feet clean. Before going to bed every day, you can soak your feet for about 10 minutes without more than 40 ° C. After soaking, wipe your feet with a soft towel.

Keep your skin lubricating. Because the weather is relatively dry in winter, the feet are easy to crack, forming ulcers, causing infection. Therefore, apply moisturizing cream on your feet every day, massage gently to help absorb, and keep the skin moist.

Frequently active foot. Avoid maintaining a sitting position for a long time, and do not sit on your legs for a long time, otherwise it will compress the blood vessels of the lower limb and affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs. You can often improve your lower limbs or massage to promote venous return and local blood circulation.

Finally, you can usually do some simple foot exercise to achieve the purpose of lowering blood sugar. For example, do a single -leg standing balance, keep it for 30 seconds, and then change the legs to help enhance the strength of the legs and pelvic muscles, improve the balance and coordination ability, and prevent sudden fainting due to low blood sugar.

For patients with diabetes, foot care is part of it cannot be ignored. In addition to paying more attention to the health of your feet, you must also learn to care for your feet.

Comment tells Xiao Jiu: Is there any difference in your feet?

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