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Doctors persuade, regardless of men and women, touch these three foods, high blood pressure will stay away from you

In recent years, there have been more and more patients with hypertension, and many young people around them have also become the “three highs” crowd. They want to control blood pressure, and they are naturally inseparable from the three magic weapons of drug control, exercise, and diet.

However, “the medicine is three -point poison”, long -term taking antihypertensive drugs will also bring some side effects, and it seems that it is not so easy to stabilize blood pressure through exercise, so many people want to know how to achieve anti -blood pressure in diet.Effect.

1. These 3 kinds of things, patients with hypertension should eat less

Some foods can reduce blood pressure after eating. Conversely, some foods can increase blood pressure.Therefore, these foods should be avoided as much as possible.

Salt is an important condiment in our lives, and the main component is sodium.Salt can regulate the capacity and osmotic voltage of the cellular fluid, and maintain the acid -base balance and blood pressure function in the body.But too much salt can cause hypertension.

Professor Wu Yangfeng, executive deputy director of the Institute of Clinical Medicine of Peking University, pointed out that 49%of the patients in my country’s coronary heart disease are caused by hypertension, and half of the hypertension is caused by too much salt or intake of excessive sodium.[1]

Many young people are busy working now, and often do n’t even have time to eat, soak a box of instant noodles.As everyone knows, the salt content of the seasoning bag and the soup bag in the instant noodles is very high. The sodium salt content in a pack of instant noodles is higher than the amount required for adults a day.

Even if you only eat instant noodles once a day, plus other foods, the intake of sodium is far exceeding the standard.In addition to instant noodles, seasonings for cooking, such as soy sauce, salt and pepper, fuel consumption, etc., have high salt content.

In addition to sodium salt, high -fat and high -sugar foods can cause obesity, and obesity is a major cause of hypertension.The nerves and endocrine of obese people are disturbed, which can easily affect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

In addition, a large amount of drinking will increase the sexual analysis of the human sympathetic nervous system, increase the heart rate and heart blood volume, and the blood pressure will increase.[2] Patients with hypertension themselves if they drink again, they will further increase their blood pressure, which is very likely to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents such as myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage, and there is a risk of death.

2. To stay away from hypertension, we must follow the five principles in diet

For patients with hypertension, naturally can reduce blood pressure through antihypertensive drugs, but as auxiliary, we must pay much attention to diet.Maintaining such a diet is also good for preventing hypertension.

Multiple intake of high -quality protein

Harmful substances caused by protein metabolism may cause blood pressure fluctuations, so it is recommended to eat high -quality protein to supplement protein.Foods containing high -quality protein are: soy products, milk, lean meat, fish, eggs, and so on.

Eat more vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and other substances necessary for the human body, and there are also trace elements such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium for patients with hypertension.Among them, celery is a typical representative of blood pressure vegetables, especially celery leaves, which can usually eat more.

Take more potassium and calcium

Potassium can directly help expand blood vessels and enable the sodium in the body to quickly discharge.There are rich potassium in fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, and shellfish, and ordinary salt can also be replaced with potassium salt.

Calcium can prevent the effects of sodium in sodium salt on blood pressure. Eating more foods with calcium can maintain blood pressure stability, such as milk, shrimp skin, soybeans, etc.

Light diet

Patients with hypertension should pay special attention to eating less oils, so foods made of cooking methods such as fried and barbecue should be avoided as much as possible.Drink less thick tea, coffee, etc. to stimulate drinks such as cardiovascular.Usually eat more coarse grains, miscellaneous grains, fruits and fruits, and use steamed and sauce cooking methods.

Diet should be restrained

Usually, you need to pay attention to restraint, do not overeating, pay attention to the regular diet, and quantitative time for three meals a day.Do not consume too much calories and cause obesity, but it is not conducive to the decrease in blood pressure.

Many people have been troubled by hypertension at a certain age.In fact, hypertension is not formed in one day, but is affected by the subtle influence of our daily diet.

Therefore, to prevent hypertension, we must pay attention to a healthy diet.Patients with hypertension should eat less salt and eat more vegetables and fruits.

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