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Does a child need to check the blood routine?

Many people may have such experience. Children go to the hospital for fever. The doctor asked the body to check the body after asking the condition, and then called to check the blood routine. After checking the blood, I went to see the doctor. Patients will be prescribed by the nurse first, and then go to the doctor after the blood routine. After reading the report of the blood check, the doctor said that suspected bacterial infections or virus infections.

Blood routine has become the most common inspection of children’s fever. It is also the basis for many doctors to determine whether it is bacterial infection and the basis of antibiotics. Can blood routine distinguish bacterial or virus infections? Do I need to check blood for fever?

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If you want to answer the first question simply, that is not. In fact, not only the blood routine cannot be distinguished. At present, there is no test that can absolutely distinguish between bacterial or virus infections, including blood culture.

Some people may disagree. Is it possible that bacteria have been cultivated and can not prove bacterial infections? Yes, although the opportunity is relatively small, the blood samples may be contaminated by the body surface or in vitro during the storage of blood. Positive blood culture in the short term is very common, but there are not many symptoms of systemic infection.

Similarly, blood drawing to cultivate, but there is no bacteria, and it cannot be said that there is no bacterial infection, because the timing of blood drawing, blood -like storage and training methods may affect the results.

Therefore, for judging whether there is a bacterial infection, even the so -called “gold standards” such as blood culture still have false positives and false negative problems, but they cannot deny the meaning of blood culture in judging bacterial infection.

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