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Does Agai Niuhuang Pills lower blood pressure?

Under normal circumstances, Aga Niuhuang Pill does not reduce blood pressure, because Aga Niuhuang Wan is often used in clinical treatment to sudden strokes, accompanied by high fever, irritability, constipation, moss yellow, etc., which can also be used to relieve the viral brain brainSymptoms of high fever and convulsions caused by inflammation and symptoms of red tongue and red tongue.

It should be noted that the Agai Niuhuang Wan does not lower blood pressure. Patients with hypertension are not recommended for long -term oral oral Ozuya Niuhuang Pills to reduce blood pressure, because Ansong Niuhuang Pills have a fierce character.Here.Patients with hypertension are recommended to form five categories of antihypertensive drugs, including conversion enzyme inhibitors, calcium ion antagonists, β -blockers, diuretics, and vascular tension Ⅱ receptor antagonists, etc.The products of the class, which represent the drugs, include Katapi, Benanubi, Eunarbly, etc. The main effects can control and prevent hypertension. During the medication, the blood pressure should be measured 2-3 times.The dose of prevention and treatment.The calcium ion antagonist mainly reduces blood pressure through antagonistic calcium ions. It represents the equality of drugs including nitopine, Nimo Horizon, and ammonia. It can effectively reduce blood pressure and relieve the patient’s hypertension.The β -blocker can release norepinephrine by reducing the peripheral ends, blocking the cardiovascular β receptor, and reducing compression reflexes caused by sympathetic nerve excitement, so that the blood pressure is at a lower level.The blocking agent includes Antolol, Puylol, and Dololol.In addition, patients with hypertension should avoid emotional excitement, do not be mentally nervous, prevent constipation, and maintain smooth stool every day, because constipation is easy to increase blood pressure, and at the same time control the intake of fat, cholesterol, and salt.Avoid excessive obesity, to exercise appropriately, which is conducive to the recovery of the condition.

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