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Does black sesame walnut black bean powder get fat?

Black sesame walnut black bean flour generally does not gain weight, but requires an appropriate amount.The main components of black sesame walnut black bean flour are black sesame, walnut, and black beans.Sesame contains nutrients such as fat, protein, vitamins, and lecithin, calcium, iron and other nutrients.Walnuts contain nutrients such as fat, carbohydrates, and riboflavin.Black beans contain nutrients needed by human body such as protein and vitamins.There are blood lipids, preventing cardiovascular disease, antioxidant, and lowering blood cholesterol.It can also prevent hemolysis, delay the oxidation of low -density lipoprotein, and prevent arteriosclerosis.It can also enhance the human body’s resistance and achieve the effect of raw hair and black hair.Not only can it be prolonged, but it can also have the effect of beauty and beauty, but also to greatly nourish the liver and kidney.It is recommended that people such as phlegm, fire, asthma and cough, yin deficiency and fire, stool diarrhea, etc. should not be eaten.

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