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Does drinking tea affect blood pressure?

Drinking tea has a certain impact on blood pressure.

Strong tea and milk tea cause blood pressure to rise.Dan tea, chrysanthemum tea, etc. will not increase blood pressure.Green tea and black tea tea contains tea polyphenols, vitamins, and excited caffeine.If it is strong tea, the concentration of tea is too high, the caffeine content is high, and drinking strong tea will take too much caffeine, which will cause the interior sympathetic nerve excitement of the human body to drink the blood pressure.Therefore, patients with high blood pressure do not drink strong tea as much as possible, and also reduce irritating drinks such as milk tea and coffee.

Generally, patients with hypertension are due to

It is recommended that you drink some tea such as light green tea, light black tea or chrysanthemum tea according to your physique to supplement the right amount of tea polyphenols and vitamins.At the same time, the diet is lighter, strictly controls the intake of sodium salt, eats fresh fruits and vegetables, performs aerobic exercise in an appropriate amount, and maintains a good living state in order to effectively maintain blood pressure within the normal range.

High -sodium foods are high -salt -containing foods, such as pickles and sausage marinated and smoked foods.Foods such as beef, mutton, pork, etc. are rich in saturated fatty acids, which also have adverse effects on the control of blood pressure. It is recommended to restrict appropriate restrictions.It is not recommended to eat too much candy, cake and other sweets.Patients with high blood pressure are recommended to quit smoking and restricting wine, which will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Generally, when the patient’s blood pressure rises, the lifestyle and dietary structure need to be improved.Choose a low -salt and high potassium diet, increase the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, properly perform physical exercise, control weight, quit smoking and alcohol, avoid staying up late, and maintain a good attitude.Through the above methods, the blood pressure control cannot be controlled. You can take oral antihypertensive drugs.Tan, osasteartan, combined with prostate hyperplasia, can be applied to Trezozine.

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