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Does milk tea contain coffee Yin?

Milk tea usually contains caffeine.Generally speaking, drinking milk tea can cause insomnia because milk tea contains a large amount of coffee bacteria.A cup of milk tea is equivalent to 2 to 4 cups of coffee.It usually makes people particularly excited, especially the central nervous system, not sleepy.It is reasonable to cause insomnia.Because the caffeine content in milk tea is not too high, and contains calories such as trans fats and sugar, if you do not exercise or consume energy after taking milk tea, the human body is likely to cause energy accumulation, obesity and insomnia.It is recommended to drink milk tea in moderation.Drinking too much milk tea will usually cause insomnia, anxiety, bloating, panic, and arrhythmia, so you must eat it carefully.It is recommended to drink plenty of water, do not overeating, pay attention to develop a good habit of combining work and rest.

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