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Does ovarian cysts affect pregnancy

Ovarian cysts generally do not affect pregnancy.

Ovarian cysts are benign lesions and do not affect women’s reproductive function.It has no great impact on women’s ovulation and uterus.For the first time, it was found that it was not treated with a relatively small ovarian cyst.This cyst may be physiological and may disappear naturally. If ovarian cysts are large and corresponding symptoms, drug treatment or surgical treatment can be taken at this time.For the treatment of ovarian cysts, ovarian cysts are usually stripped.In this case, it has no great impact on human ovarian function.Therefore, ovarian cysts usually do not affect women’s reproductive function and may be pregnant.But if it is huge, it is recommended to treat related treatment before pregnancy to make the pregnancy process safer.

Pay attention to the clean and dry of the perineum to avoid infection, so as not to cause the condition to worsen.

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