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Does prostatitis affect fertility?Treatment of prostatitis, understand three points

Common reproductive infections, such as prostatitis, are not uncommon for men.

Due to the long treatment of prostate disease and difficulty in cure, many men also have problems with their sexual function after the prostate disease occurs. For this reason, many patients who are actively preparing for pregnancy are worried that they will affect pregnancy.

Does prostatitis affect fertility? How to treat prostatitis? Know together.

Does prostatitis affect fertility?Treatment of prostatitis, understand three points

Does prostatitis affect fertility?

First of all, we should know that there are many factors and complicated factors that induce prostatitis, and have long become a male disease with common high incidence of urology, although there is no clear cause of the cause.

Regarding the issue of prostatitis affect fertility, if the onset of prostatitis is not treated in time and effective, it will definitely affect the fertility function of the patient. Because the incidence of prostatitis can change the secretion function of the patient’s prostate liquid, and ultimately affect the quality of semen and the vitality of the sperm. Long -term this will not only affect the fertility function, but also may even cause infertility.

Does prostatitis affect fertility?Treatment of prostatitis, understand three points

How to treat prostatitis?

(1) General antibacterial treatment

Antibacterial therapy is currently the most common and targeted treatment in clinical practice. Through this antibacterial treatment, it can effectively kill a large amount of bacteria in the prostate, effectively control the degree of patients’ diseases, and can achieve significant effects on treatment.

(2) Use analgesic and anti -inflammatory drugs

Generally speaking, non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs can improve the symptoms of prostatitis, and generally use internal medication or suppository. Chinese medicine generally uses heat -clearing and detoxifying and soft strong drugs, which can also receive good results. However, the specific medication needs to be determined according to the actual situation of the patient, and it is by no means random.

(3) Physical therapy

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Generally, it refers to prostate massage. It can empty the concentrated secretions in the prostate duct, the infection stove in the prostate obstruction area. For stubborn cases, prostate massage can be used every 3-7 days while using antibiotics. Such as microwave, radio frequency, ultra -short waves, and hot water sitting baths, it is good for the relaxation of the prostate, strengthening antibacterial efficacy and relieving pain.

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The above is the introduction of the relevant content of prostatitis. It is obvious that the risk damage caused by prostatitis to male compatriots is huge, especially if long -term non -treatment may lead to infertility. Therefore Good daily nursing measures, so that your body will be great.

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